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LFC vs. Man City mobile match show FIFA 15 controls

With the release of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team for mobile within the next few days, EA has been teasing us with more details about the app, and they have even released a screenshot of the new FIFA 15 controls during a Liverpool FC and Manchester City FC match.

However, we should not get too wrapped up in LFC and Man City FC game because it is more about the new features and what we can expect from the new version, which again is released in the third week of September.

EA understands that the most popular mode with its FIFA game is FIFA Ultimate Team, and so has made huge advancements with its latest version. Eight out of ten mobile players play Ultimate Team or Matches of the Week, and so have innovated the gameplay within the new version.

FIFA 15 app controls

One example of this is the introduction of new ways to play these modes on FIFA 15 mobile edition, and these are Quick Simulation, Casual or Classic controls, and will also come with new controller support.

Quick Simulation was one of the most requested features for FUT 15 and so we are pleased to see EA give the fans what they want. Now they will have complete control over their squad.

Not only will users be able to control things such as mentality and approach of an entire team, but also their effort as well, which is very important for your managerial experience while playing a match in Quick Simulation.

We mentioned above that there is now improved controller support, as EA has now increased the number of compatible controllers, a list of which you can see on the EA Sports website.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team will be free to download for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. Just remember that in order to improve security and support you will need to update your Login Verification, details of which can be found here.



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