iPhone 6 Plus waterproof case by LifeProof

If you were not able to pre-order your iPhone 6 Plus last Friday, then you will have a long wait seeing as though shipping has now slipped to a few weeks. However, those who were lucky enough to get their order in will now be thinking about iPhone 6 Plus cases.

One option would be the iPhone 6 Plus waterproof case by LifeProof, which is very much needed if you plan on introducing your new handset to water, seeing as though the 6 Plus along with its smaller sibling are not water-resistant.

The new iPhone was never likely to be water-resistant, which comes as good news to the likes of LifeProof, as we know their new waterproof case will prove very popular once released.

iPhone 6 Plus waterproof cases

iPhone 6 Plus underwater photos – According to LifeProof, by using its new case you will be able to take underwater photos with your iPhone 6 Plus, although they also state that you will be able to use your new large Apple smartphone in many extreme circumstances, such as snowboarding, on a mountain bike, surfing and so much more.

Phones Reviews reports that while there is already a product page for the new LifeProof iPhone 6 Plus, there are currently no images or price, although we do expect it to be less than $100.

If you are not too bothered about a water-resistant option, then there is a choice of OtterBox iPhone 6 Plus cases. Prices range from $24.95 to $69.90, although these have yet to become available and so you have to email to register your interest.

Do you plan on purchasing an official iPhone 6 Plus case, or would you rather a third-party option for greater choice?



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