Forza Horizon 2 demo live on Twitch

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 16, 2014

Yesterday, we reminded our readers that the Forza Horizon 2 demo will be live today and while we didn’t have a release time its date was clear. Now it looks like Twitch wants to get in on the excitement with some live video streaming featuring the Forza Horizon 2 demo on Xbox One.

The start time for this Twitch Forza Horizon 2 demo live stream is 12:00pm PST. This in part confirms the open world racing game will be live by then, and you can take a look at all the action as it happens on this official Xbox Channel, which almost certainly confirms you’ll be playing by this time as well on your Xbox One.


During the streaming event you will see “eight teams from #ForzaFUEL”. This celebration is perfect for those that can’t get hands-on just yet, or even PlayStation 4 owners that want to check out what this game looks and plays like on the other current-generation console.

The teams will aim to get the fastest time. There’s also plenty of reasons for Xbox One owners to watch the stream and one of these is to leave questions for the Lead Game Designer at PlayGround Games, who will be in the driving seat today. Will you be watching the Forza Horizon 2 demo live on Twitch today?

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  • MrOgden

    It’s the end of the 16th in Australia. So it’s basically on the 17th for any Aussies. The demo will probably arrive at 11pm – 1am. Feel free to check my youtube channel that is based upon forza horizon 2. Just search : AtTheHorizonLine

  • james


  • ali

    When is the demo coming in UK what time