Clash of Clans update problems with app restart

By Peter Chubb - Sep 16, 2014

Today was an exciting day for Clash of Clans users, as a new update offered new content, along with a few improvements. However, things are not going the way the developer had hoped because there have been several complaints. We have started to hear from some of our readers, as they have been coming across Clash of Clans update problems.

It would seem after the update, as well as the servers being down for maintance people are starting to notice Clash of Clans not working following the update, with a majority of them reporting that the app will restart all on its own. Several Product-reviews readers have reported that the Clash of Clans app keeps restarting, which as you would imagine is pretty frustrating.

Clash of Clans update problems

However, there are more Clash of Clans problems, one user said ” I cannot open the app after the update, it just remains on download content.” Another reader has said that they are unable to update and connect to a server, and so are worried they may be kicked out of their clan.

We are not sure if these problems are specific to Android, iOS or both, although we have noticed that several people have taken to the Google Play Store to share what they think about the latest version of Clash of Clans. We can see one review saying they are constantly met with the message error on the update (403). The user is fearful that all progress has been lost, and so we would be interested to know if you have seen the same message?

How long have you been seeing the reinitializing screen for, and have you experienced Clash of Clans restarting?

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  • STM

    the game opens and i start playing but its restarts every 1-2 mins…i am afraid i cant war like this….supercell pls fix this

  • Marlon

    Please help me I already update new version clash of clans but still not working until now still waiting almost 2 day’s why? no progress to my iPhone 4S, please fix this issue thanks.

  • Justin

    I clicked on coc today and it had an update I clicked on the update and it started to load and then it took forever when the game icon let me click it says update available?iphone6

  • Michael März

    I had the same problem that it keeps restarting once app is launched.
    I fixed it by turning the phone to Airplane Mode (Samsung Galaxy S5), connecting it to WIFI and relaunch it. The it loaded the files and the issue was fixed. Give it a try

  • JAne

    I’m trying to get inside my clash of clans because I’m in a war but it keeps saying downloading content FIX THIS PLEASE

  • Jour

    Keeps trying to download content, but continually restarts. iPhone 5s on iOS 7.

  • elixer

    My coc is always downloading content.. how to fix this?

  • tnt

    Just restarts infenetly going to the downloading content screen, ive tried redownlaoding and clearing data, does same thing. Im on android

  • rind

    I had update my coc but it showing new version available fix

    • rukshan92


  • Dissapointed

    I had problem in open clash of clan …It keep reloading for every two second … (new acc)
    One more thing I cant switch account in i phone 3gs , the system ask me to update i phone to ios 7 … which is impossible. This isn’t fair for i phone 3gs user … I hope this problem could be solve as soon as possible. Thanks

  • the_kidd

    I’m using 1 mobile market and after the update it reset me I wasn’t too far but I was a level 8 or 9 now I might have to start over is there a way to fix this

  • Coco Millan

    it won’t let me update pleas help

  • Universam

    Downloading content ➡️ supercell (with the background and the starting sound) ➡️ Downloading content…….infinite times…
    Same issue for me.

    Does someone have a solution to share here ?

    • Owen Thompson


  • joaquin

    I’m still having the problem of signing to clash of the clans with the new update…can anyone help..??

  • Dogg0016

    I keep getting “There is a problem parsing he package”. Using Kindle Fire first gen.

  • CODY

    Mine needs a update .

  • Hosein

    I have this problem after this new update … At the first but then for two or three days I didn’t have this problem but again … I don’t have VPN an schools are starting…isn’t there an other way??:(

  • peldred

    it seems that some networks will allow me to connect and others will not. but yes have had a lot of problems since update kinda sucking the fun out of the game need to fix soon it is a hassle at this point and i am just playing other games.

  • Amir

    Downloading content ➡️ supercell (with the background and the starting sound) ➡️ Downloading content…….infinite times. Since the last update.

  • Goodmaab50

    Won’t load and keeps kicking out after latest version loaded

  • Travis

    Evan yea same

  • famoj


  • mae

    i have this problem.but i dident connect my clan to FB or google +, if i unistall it,perhaps my clan be delete,what should i do?help me please

  • Will


  • Will


  • Evan

    I’ve downloaded the update, but every time I try to open Clash of Clans, it loads a little, and then sends me back to the home screen. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, could you help?

  • Travis

    Should I just delete the game??

  • Travis

    Will I ever get my base back??

  • Will is an idiot

    Will needs to grow up

  • Will

    So rude to delete my first post just posting a problem

  • Will


  • Will


  • Will


  • Will


  • Will


  • Will


  • Will


  • Will


  • Will

    Lol some idiot is deleting my post
    How rude…

  • sss

    Open with vpn for first time, and then you can play as before ;))

  • behzad

    I have same problem in ios

  • sSs

    For whom, that they are in Iran, open the game with vpn

    • Amirmohammad

      Really ?thank you very much 🙂

  • Zara111181

    I have the same problem as Jalali. After updating the app. it does not open and remains on “loading” or “downloading contents” and keep restarting again and again!

  • Nas

    I have such problems! too much restarting in the middle of my wars!!!!!! but now the game doesnt open at all!!!!!!

  • erfan homayoun

    Its awful.I unistall it and reinstall again but doesnt make sense.

  • ali

    Me and my brother had the exact same problem as jalali and rodimus

  • Rodimus

    Me and my sister had the exact same problem as jalali. I have an android and my sister plays with an ipad, after some time my game worked but my sister’s didn’t. We tried restarting the damn thing but it still didn’t work. Please help!

  • jalali

    hi the new update does not work .it remains on loading content , and restart again and again, i have an apple iphone .we were in the middle of war . and i had high level. what should we do? do i lose everything ?

  • Will

    Why is my post deleted?

  • Will


  • thouroughbred

    I can’t get on it says enable background data mine is enabled and it still won’t let me in so what do I do


    I cant get on game since new upgrades. Keeps showing download error 403 after hours of waiting. Meanwhile I keep getting messages that my village is raided and my in game updates are complete. Very frustrating, I hope it can be resolved.

  • Will

    Whenever the update screen comes I click update and it goes to load and freezes in process of loading

  • amir

    Clash of clans app keep restarting and it is not working on Android after updating, plz advise

  • tiger

    Cannot update clash of clans…just cycles between splash screen and app store…very frusterating…hope I don’t lose my progress

  • TJ

    App tries to start the update automatically after a prompt and after my iPad goes to the play store, it says the update is not available in the US market.

  • Red of Dingus

    Same problem as other Kindle users.

  • heather

    Getting upset getting clan mail in my inbox but can’t even update cause it just stays on loading screen will be very upset if I get kicked from my clan

  • heather

    I have Verizon blue

  • heather

    It has been 9 hours now and I still can’t update ….stays at the same down load screen

  • sam

    galaxy s3, after update app wont start correctly, switches between splash screen and downloading even after reinstallation and reboot :/

  • Atte Hacche

    Galaxy Samsung phone. No problems, smooth update here

  • sahand

    Same here

  • Sepideh

    Hi,I Downloaded Update,When I want to open the game,I see Supercell splash screen frequently in “Downloading content”.and all of my friends have the same problem.I,m using iphone 4s with iOS 7.1.1.
    thank you

  • Lyn

    Update is continually updating. It has been 4 hours so far !

  • kwob

    Clash of clans – S ame here on the kindle fire hd, the screen turns black and then the app icon appears . It won’t load.

    • 9090

      I have iPhone 4 iOS 6.1.3 version. i updated the game and When I open that, It stops on Downloading Content and app restarts again and again. Help pls

  • stev

    I originally downloaded clash via the “1 mobile” app into my amazon kindle fire (as not available on amazon store). Since clash has been updated, I get a message saying “good news, a new version is now available” and it ‘forces’ me to amazon store WHICH DOESN’T HAVE IT!!!!!!!! tried removing and reinstalling (which may have lost me my progress to date?) But same thing-!!!!!! 🙁

  • farid

    My game keeps restarting the waiting screen after the update. what should i do ?

    • mehdi.rj0131

      just for first time turn on your hot spot sheild !!!

  • armin

    It just restarting ! Even I deleted my app! I thought if I delete it , the problem would be fixed . N now , I lost my clash !

    • farid

      hi armin

  • Branden

    My game keeps restarting the waiting screen after the update.

  • Desmond

    The app is always refreshing the waiting screen, help

  • Bob

    Can’t download the update please fix!!