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Clash of Clans update problems with app restart

Today was an exciting day for Clash of Clans users, as a new update offered new content, along with a few improvements. However, things are not going the way the developer had hoped because there have been several complaints. We have started to hear from some of our readers, as they have been coming across Clash of Clans update problems.

It would seem after the update, as well as the servers being down for maintance people are starting to notice Clash of Clans not working following the update, with a majority of them reporting that the app will restart all on its own. Several Product-reviews readers have reported that the Clash of Clans app keeps restarting, which as you would imagine is pretty frustrating.

Clash of Clans update problems

However, there are more Clash of Clans problems, one user said ” I cannot open the app after the update, it just remains on download content.” Another reader has said that they are unable to update and connect to a server, and so are worried they may be kicked out of their clan.

We are not sure if these problems are specific to Android, iOS or both, although we have noticed that several people have taken to the Google Play Store to share what they think about the latest version of Clash of Clans. We can see one review saying they are constantly met with the message error on the update (403). The user is fearful that all progress has been lost, and so we would be interested to know if you have seen the same message?

How long have you been seeing the reinitializing screen for, and have you experienced Clash of Clans restarting?



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