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Clash of Clans down for maintenance, Sept 16 update

Clash of Clans should now be down for maintenance today, which comes after news of the September 16 update for Lava Hound. You can see the official tweet below revealing a maintenance break was about to take place and would mean Android and iOS Clash of Clans apps would not be working, so if you have tried to play and notice the game is down, you now know why.

The Twitter account shared the well known Clash of Clans maintenance break graphic that we’ve seen when the app goes down in the past. This obviously isn’t an unplanned downtime, and we expect the update will be live very soon thanks to these maintenance breaks normally only lasting for short time.


Have you seen Clash of Clans come backup on Android or iOS? If you notice the maintenance has started, or even ended on your device then please share a comment. Let us know if you are on iPhone or an Android device.

The normal Clash of Clans maintenance message explains the servers are down and you should try again in around 30 minutes. Let us know if you seen anything different.



Clash of Clans release notes for Lava Hound update

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