Bloodborne PS4 Alpha test register versus invite email

- Sep 16, 2014

There’s a little bit of confusion surrounding the Bloodborne PS4 Alpha test and invitations being sent out right now to a lucky few. The difference between receiving an invite email and registering on the enrolment page is very different.

One commenter said “I received an invite, but it doesn’t guarantee I will be accepted”. Another added, “I’ve had the PS4 Bloodborne Alpha Test email. It’s only to register your interest though”.

From what we can tell, you can register for the Bloodborne Alpha test on PS4 thanks to this PSN beta link. While some people are saying they have only received an email confirming they’ve registered and not a guaranteed invitation, others have said “I’m in and accepted”.

The invitations sent out today are for Europe, although if you received a Bloodborne Alpha test invite in USA then please comment below.

We’ve included the email you will get after being invited to the game. Take a look at the screenshot below, which states “you have been selected” within the text. It couldn’t be clearer than that really.


Have you been selected to take part in Bloodborne’s Alpha PS4 test? Invite email thanks to Gamepur. You can watch some gameplay in an earlier article.

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  • Shane Walker

    I got the invite email Tuesday, and spent several hours playing tonight. There are four classes available, all centered on a generic weapon style (heavy, light, mid range, etc.). I never found a different weapon (which I was expecting, having played both previous games), but the other than that the loot system and combat seemed very similar to demon’s/dark’s.

    • Shane Walker

      My only real issues were this. One, the ranged weapons felt a bit weak, but that probably has more to do with the starter versions of them. I’m sure they grow with the game. Second, the physics were absolutely amazing EXCEPT with the dead bodies. The rag doll nature of it when walking over to loot was just…….strange. But the blood. Oh, the blood. The more you kill, the more covered in gore your toon is. A bit macabre, I know, but it looks so amazing even at this early stage.

  • Daniel evans

    i had no idea there was a test for this game. ive certainly signed up now thanks to your link. fingers crossed i guess and good luck to everybody else trying to get accepted xD