Star Wars Force Commander Anniversary cards

By Alan Ng - Sep 15, 2014

We have some excellent news for those of you who are still playing the Star Wars Force Commander card game. Konami has sent out word, letting players know that there are new Star Wars Force Commander Anniversary cards available, to celebrate one-year of the game.

These cards are limited edition and have been available over the weekend. The event will come to an end on Thursday September 18, but by then hopefully you will have managed to pick up some of the new cards.

We have seen four new 5-star Star Wars Force Commander cards available so far, they include Anniversary editions for Master Yoda, Darth Sidious, Jabba the Hut and Leia Organa.

We can already see that some players have been lucky, as you can see from the included Tweet showing the new Leia card that has become available.

There may well be more cards available, so you’ll have to see what you can pick out. During the event there will also be chances to obtain special prizes each time you log in to the game until Thursday.

For a game that is free to download, it’s still a lot of fun and credit has to go to Konami for constantly updating the game to keep it interesting, with rival games such as Hearthstone threatening to steal players away.

Are you still playing Force Commander? Let us know if you have managed to pick up any of these new Anniversary cards.

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