Safari 8 crashing in new OS X Yosemite update

- Sep 15, 2014

Safari 8 might have had a few problems in OS X Yosemite 10.10 thanks to it being a beta, although with each update you’d expect things to get better and not worse. Our in-house developer has been testing both iOS 8 betas and Yosemite since its first beta launch. Sadly, they report the new OS X Yosemite update titled “Preview 7” seems to have gone backwards with Safari 8 crashing and issues with their Apple Air mouse losing connection a lot.

We’ve included the current iMac specs that our developer is using while experiencing these Safari 8 issues in the OS X 10.10 beta below. This is useful if you are also having problems like this in the public or developer beta, and of course we could see a pattern within the comments.


Considering we are at preview 7 already, let’s hope the crashing is fixed by a public Yosemite release date that should be towards the end of next month. OS X Mavericks released on October 22, 2013, so we’d expect a similar date for Yosemite OS X 10.10.

If your preview 7 install and Safari 8 web browser is running problem-free, then we’d love to hear that in the comments along with your computer configuration.

Have you had any crashing or freezing problems with Safari 8 in OS X 10.10 Yosemite preview 7? While betas are expected to contain bugs, they shouldn’t get worse or bring new major bugs in the later stages and when we’re so close to a release date.

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  • Andrés de Bustamante

    I recently updated to Yosemite. Since, about every 48 to 72 hours, Safari, iTunes and the AppStore can’t connect to any site. Restarting the computer seems to be the only option to fix those applications. I can’t believe the new Yosemite would be so poorly designed.

  • Al

    I experienced the same problem with the recent update and the issue affects Firefox as well…probably an issue with wifi…hope I will be able to get an update when it is released