NFL Mobile live stream problems on Verizon

Those who have paid their money to subscribe to NFL Mobile live streams on Verizon may have been unhappy with the recent coverage that Verizon offered. Complaints have come in once again, with NFL Mobile live streams not working during the crucial moments of a match.

As most of you are well aware, Sunday was the season opener for the NFL but unfortunately it turned out to be a nightmare for some consumers hoping to tune in with NFL Mobile.

We were met with errors when trying to play video and it looks like many of you were having the same problems. Upon start up, many errors resulted in a message that simply read: “Video is currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

Other NFL Mobile errors that we have seen include “Sorry, there are no videos to display for the selected channel at this time.” We can see that since the problems hit, Verizon has acknowledged that there have been issues with NFL Mobile, both with live streaming and the NFL Mobile Audio Pass.

It goes without saying that the problems are going to need to be fixed completely before the next round of games arrive. Have you been having problems with the NFL Mobile service over the last 24 hours?

Give us your experiences so far.



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