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Nexus 9 release date in 2014 says Nvidia

It looks like the Nexus 9 mystery is finally about to come to a conclusion. We have had months of speculation, but the first piece of ‘official’ Nexus 9 news has come from the most unlikely source – Nvidia.

The graphics giant has inadvertently revealed that Google does indeed plan to release a 9-inch version of the successful Nexus series. The Nexus 7 has proved to be a massive success and now it looks like Google are going to step it up with a larger display for consumers.

Nvidia are currently embroiled in a patent battle with Qualcomm and Samsung and in the latest findings from the legal paperwork, we have had Google’s Nexus 9 officially name dropped.

Google has yet to announce their Nexus 9 to the world, but they may be rather unhappy that Nvidia has taken it upon themselves to do the job for them.

Take a look at what Nvidia has said when speaking about the ongoing patent dispute:

“Nvidia’s new Tegra K1 mobile processor is so powerful, it is being used in products other than smartphone and tablets. The HTC Nexus 9, expected in the third quarter of 2014, is also expected to use the Tegra K1.”

This confirms previous rumors that the K1 chip is going to be fitted inside the new Nexus tablet and now it looks like Google are going to be forced into an announcement sooner rather than later.

Nvidia also reveals that the tablet is still on the way this year, meaning that it should be expected to do battle with Apple’s upcoming iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 during the holiday season.

Does this excite you knowing that a new Nexus tablet is on the way? It has taken a long time but hopefully we’ll be able to share official specs and price with you soon. Let us know if you will buy one immediately.



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