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Macy’s location-based discount coupons on your iPhone

Macy’s has been trialing location-based coupons on your iPhone for a while now, but is now ready to unveil it to the masses, as iBeacons will be unveiled in more stores. However, the full-on experience will not be ready for the coming holiday season, but it is a start.

iBeacons will be activated this fall and if you have your Bluetooth switched on and the Macy’s app installed on your iPhone you will be able to take advantage of the many discounts and promotions, as you walk through the store.

Seeing as though this will be a soft rollout, you will only receive regular deals at first, but come spring 2015 that is when you will be sent discounts specific to the store you are in.

Macys iPhone app

It is a shame that this app will not have full location-based support by the end of November, as it would be perfect timing for Macy’s discount coupons during Black Friday to be store specific and sent directly to your iPhone.

The idea of iBeacon sounds good at first, but how long will it be before such a service saturates the market and you will be inundated with messages informing you of deals when you walk near a store such as Macy’s? We already have this issue with the amount of newsletters people subscribe to, and while it seems a benefit at first, it isn’t long before you start to unsubscribe to them all.



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