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iOS 8 performance on iPad Air with lag claims

The world is awaiting the highly anticipated iOS 8 public release date on September 17, but those with a developer account can install iOS 8 GM to get an early preview of what is going to be the final build upon release.

We can bring you the details of one iOS 8 preview now however, as one user has created a video actually complaining of performance issues when installing iOS 8 GM onto the iPad Air.

While we obviously don’t have the final version in our hands yet, GM is the closest to final that Apple offer developers. In the video which we have included below however, one user isn’t happy with the final result and adds that the performance of iOS 8 GM on his iPad Air ‘feels a few generations old’.

He also appears to show evidence of slow animations when quickly scrolling on the screen with Safari open, as well as several instances where the menus show lag at some moments.

With Apple unlikely to make major changes before Wednesday’s public release, is this cause for concern or just an isolated incident with one device?

Let us know if you also have iOS 8 GM running on the iPad Air or iPad Mini models and have noticed slower performance compared to iOS 7. We’ll update if there’s anything else to share on these claims.



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