Forza Horizon 2 demo will release tomorrow

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 15, 2014

It is finally Forza Horizon 2 demo release time with the date set for September 16, which is tomorrow and marks a day some Xbox One racing fans have been waiting a long time for. We got hands-on with Forza Motorsport 5 at the Xbox One launch and the graphics impressed us, although the latest game will take things a lot further.

The Forza Horizon 2 demo arrives exactly two weeks before the full game release date. The launch trailer has already been revealed and certainly raised expectations by detailing a breathtaking game taking advantage of everything Xbox One has to offer.


You might be wondering how the Forza Horizon 2 game will differ from your Forza Motorsport 5 edition on Xbox One, although there’s a very clear difference that racing fans will understand. Forza Horizon 2 will be seen as a dedicated “driving game” set in the open world, while Forza 5 is all about the track racing.


Forza Horizon 2 will set drivers free and allow them to go almost anywhere within the open world environment. If you’re still unclear, then it’s best you just download the Forza Horizon 2 demo tomorrow and take a look for yourself.

We are expecting a pure adrenaline rush from Forza Horizon 2 and while the demo won’t feature the 200 cars, you’ll get to taste the new dynamic environment for free before purchasing. What are you looking forward to seeing most with Forza Horizon 2? Is it the graphics, cars, audio, or adrenaline rush?

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  • wornstarfish347

    Mines on 83% πŸ˜€

  • Gannicus

    Mines on 5%… Never been so excited for a game… Gonna sleep to pass time πŸ˜€

  • Gannicus

    Men do you have to have xbox Gold to get this Fantastic Game

    • wornstarfish347

      Don’t think you have to but will need it for online play.

  • wornstarfish347

    Go onto the section where you type name of a game put in forza horizon 2 and it will take u to the demo to download

  • realgraph7

    2% installed so far


    Nothing yet, still waiting. Gamertag add PAOLOSBB

  • itzedyow

    nothing yet on my one! Still patiently waiting I guess -_-
    Add the gamertag tho. Itzedyow

  • Ridler85

    Nothing on my xbox one

  • ForZaKrc

    I’m installing

    • DanTheMan

      Grrr still nothing on mine, what time did you start download?

  • stu

    How long till demo out in uk thank you

  • topherblais13

    did its on xbox 360

  • Milan7778

    UK 8 PM
    NL 9 PM

  • Milan7778

    US 12 pm

  • EmpeRawD

    What time for the US?

  • Milan7778

    i am in the netherlands but it is still not online the demo from forza horizon 2

  • Iain Lucas

    Demo becomes available 2pm BST, 6 am PST

    • Adam Walker

      What time is that in UK GMT?

      • Jason Lane

        2 PM, PST are 8 hrs behind us

      • Iain Lucas

        2pm BST is UK time (British Summer Time). GMT will be 1pm

  • Ando Casanova

    What time is the demo

    • Iain Lucas

      2pm UK, 6 am Pacific Time


    yay, a fwkin AD!!! soooooooo thrilling.. we know how bad ass the game is going to be, hence why we are all here having withdrawals about it sheeezuz Microsoft!!

  • Illy Ill

    Add me for an ass whooping πŸ˜‰ ; xKingKimbo17x

  • Jason

    9:27 am in england not seeing it yet

    • Jason Lane

      2PM dude

  • MrOgden

    It’s 6:19 PM in Australia… no news yet.

  • DroppedPancake

    just got a forza horizon ad playing on dashboard, must be close πŸ˜€

  • Demo waiting guy 1337

    1:13AM Wheres the demo! πŸ™

  • DroppedPancake

    Waiting on demo still, wish it would hurry, add me on to play DroppedPancake


    I guess in the mean time Add me, K4P3T0WN
    I dont drive like a Noob, Tool that uses other cars as a means of turning a corner.

  • Guest

    here is 5am =c


      respect! Dedication, unless you were up looking at porn all night anyways πŸ™‚


    still waiting for the demo, its now 1am πŸ™

  • Mr HandyHay

    Send me a message for a great time πŸ˜‰ Mr Handyhay


    add me and my friend xSUPERxEDGx and NellzBS2

  • Adrian

    Add me drifters and dragging. xlx BigLurk xlx

  • uno

    Add me drifters UNOTheArchitect

  • floridaboy18

    when is the demo coming out its midnight now

  • Jesse Sereda

    drifting add tankin61

  • Arahulk

    Add me for another FH2 friend. ID: Arahulk. Mic and ability to speak English is requierd! πŸ™‚

    • Demo waiting dude 5000

      clearly writing is not a requisite to be your friend lmfao

  • eastnystunna

    Add me people dutchboy347

  • Marcelo Regis Bernardo

    Please, add a brazilian “pilot” to your team. I’ll enjoy playing with you: MrBernardo

  • Shane

    add me if you wantyto play FH2 when it comes out: gtboy70

  • lopr0s

    I added a few of you guys for when FH2 comes out. My gt is LoPr0s

  • itzedyow

    Add me ITZEDYOW. hope it comes out midnight

  • Dynasystem

    So what time is this demo comin out, i figured midnight like the actual full games. Need a break from Destiny. Horizon 2 is just the ticket? Anyone know what time were lookin at

  • PrinceCharming Kidd

    Add me in need of major friends for this game. Gamertag PrinceKidRock

  • Biyy

    Add me for a race on forza 5 while we wait for horizon 2 here is my gamer tag, I PIKEY BC

  • Ginger Hooves

    Add me on Xbox Live; GT is PITSteelers007.

  • will

    Need freinds!!!
    Gt lilwilldatruth if u wont to play fh2 wen it come out

  • dustin

    When will the demo be on 360

    • brandon

      They are not doing a demo on 360 only xbox one. The game engine is completely different so it looks like it will not be the same game. They said there will be no dynamic weather on the 360 version either which sucks for people who haven’t upgraded. I would not pre order this for 360 as a different company is doing it I would wait for reviews.

  • Carl

    Personally i think this game is gonna be amazing, Forza Horizon was my favourite car game by far, i just loved the ability to do what i want and go where i want with all of my friends online. I have played and have owned every Forza out to date, but this is still gonna be the only game i would get excited about! Fingers Crossed for tomorrow!