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FIFA 15 web app log in verification improves support

In just a couple of days time you will be able to download FIFA 15 Ultimate Team web app, or FUT as many of you will know it as. The app goes live on September 17th, this Wednesday and there will be a process that you will soon have to go through, which helps to improve support.

FIFA 15 web app log in verification – This will soon be a mandatory step if you wish to access the FUT 15 Web App, but do not threat as this is an easy process to activate.

You can see in the image below how to turn on Login Verification, which appears on the Origin Account Management page, and can be found under the Security tab. Once you have selected this you will then have to choose how you wish to have your codes sent, either by phone or email.

FIFA 15 web app log in verification

This means that in future when you attempt to log in from an untrusted device you will be sent a code by phone or email. However, a code will be sent to you every 90 days even to a trusted device, as an added security measure.

If you do not have your phone with you, then you will be given backup, or emergency codes when trying to log in. All you need to do to view these codes is by visiting your Origin Account and selecting Privacy settings. More details of this can be found on the EA Help page.



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