Driveclub PS4 install size is good news

We have some good news for Driveclub fans now, as the developers of the game have given out some crucial information regarding the Driveclub PS4 install size. Most PS4 games have been 50GB in recent weeks, but we can now give you some good news on that it won’t require that much at all.

On the contrary actually, as Driveclub is going to be under 20GB. The developers at Evolution Studios have revealed that the full size for the game is only going to be 17GB.

Even better, is that you only need to install 3.5GB of the game and once that has been loaded, you can start playing the game while the rest of the files continue to download in the background.

Driveclub is the game that was delayed of course and the same game that was also initially promised as a PS Plus game – it will probably still end up as the first ‘retail’ game to be offered for free in our opinion.

With the game now set for a release on October 10, let’s hope there are no further setbacks to the game’s launch. Gamer’s won’t be able to play with 60FPS, but Evolution have confirmed that the game is running at a solid 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second at least.

Are you still interested in Driveclub or have you lost a bit of interest after the initial delay?



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