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Destiny companion app bugs include friends not showing

Destiny was launched last week and we have already been treated to a Master Chief easter egg location. It never takes long to get something exciting from a new game, but while gamers have been enjoying the game itself, the same cannot be said for the Destiny Companion App.

Looking over the Destiny reviews from users who have been using the companion app on Google Play, it would seem that there are a few bugs and several users are demanding that the Destiny app needs to receive an update.

Some of the issue include – users having to log in each time they launch the app, which can become tiresome after a while. There is another bug to do with the Friends List, as some users have been seeing the message “something went awry” while trying to preview their Friends List.

We are not certain if this issue is specific to just the one device, but it seems that a Note 2 user just sees a black outline of a generic character instead of seeing his Guardian. Upon further inspection it would seem that this is more of a widespread issue.

Other users have said that the cards text is not displaying correctly either, which makes it very difficult to read them in the game.

It’s a great idea to have a companion app for Destiny, but if you are unable to enjoy the full experience we can understand why frustration sets in. This is nothing new and we know by past experience that it will take two or three updates before things are running as they should.



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