Clash of Clans new update in tease today

- Sep 15, 2014

The Clash of Clans new update is all the players can think about today and while there’s no release time or confirmation of Lava Hound’s arriving in the game on September 15th, this isn’t stopping continual requests for that information.

Supercell’s official Clash of Clans Twitter account shared some new Clash of Clans update gameplay within the last couple of hours, although the video was originally shared over the weekend. You can see the official tweet and video below.


The pressure is increasing for a Clash of Clans update release date to be given and the gameplay they shared today hasn’t helped follower’s frustration. After they asked what people think on Twitter? Responses included “update please”, “when is the upgrade coming with Lava hound”, and “hurry up like c’mon”.

Did you like seeing gameplay for the new Clash of Clans update today, or is this just getting you more frustrated during the wait?

Take a look at the video showcasing the Clash of Clans update once again. The video creator explained the Lava Hound soaks up a lot of damage and they expect some people to develop a good strategy with them once released and dominate. There’s still no word on any update releasing today and the above tweet is the most recent.

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