Xbox Live core down, sign in not working

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 14, 2014

There’s currently Xbox Live sign-in problems after many reports of online not working on both Xbox One and 360 consoles, which resulted in larger than normal red alert messages appearing on the official status page within the last few minutes. It looks like there’s a number of Xbox Live services down today, September 14th 2014, which include Social and Gaming being limited on Xbox 360.

This seems to be a major issue right now and the problems include all Xbox platforms. Live Core Services on Xbox One have also been flagged by the status page, so if you are having problems when signing in it will certainly be related to the current online issues.


Microsoft has issued an official statement explaining they have a “team of engineers” trying hard to get services fixed, although they don’t explain in any detail what went wrong and why Xbox Live is down today.

Are you able to sign-in to Xbox Live on the 360 or Xbox One? If popular games are not working right now, let us know what titles and problems you’re experiencing in the comments below. We’ll update Product Reviews readers once Microsoft gives more information.

There’s a number of apps not working as well. This includes the PBS app that’s “currently unavailable” and also the same error message for the Viki app.

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    This problem has been going on for a couple weeks now. Not to happy with this considering I am a gold member and the money I paid is getting me no where. I honestly think Microsoft should do something for its Xbox Live members. Maybe a free month or something.

  • edgar:)

    Xbox one must be turn on from a cold start and not by standby mode to do the work around so make sure to turn off Xbox completely first

  • edgar:)

    I found a work around to get connected
    Step1 turn off your internet
    Step2 turn on Xbox one an it should sign in to a primary account
    Step3 turn on your internet an your Xbox one should connect automatically to your Internet but it will not connect to xboxlive but after a few minutes (1-5mins) of waiting it will connect to Xbox live

    Do this so you wont get an error code trying to select an account

    It worked for me (:

  • Kerry

    I checked Xbox Live Service Status after having issues and it was like this almost an hour ago, I still cannot sign in with Xbox One. Microsoft still say they are trying to get it fixed ASAP.

  • Rob

    Massive problems with Xbox Live, cannot play any games online with my Xbox One. London, UK.