Popcorn Time beta 4.4 for Mac, iOS next

- Sep 14, 2014

This week we saw Popcorn Time release beta 4.4 for Mac and Windows, which also adds in the VPN feature some people have been waiting for. While this software has certainly caught the eye of the movie industry, they seem to continue creating the almost perfect software for movie streaming fans and keep promoting their message of “never” to be taken down. This message is very debatable, but at this time their UI is sleek, updates regular, and they are certainly building a massive following.

The latest Facebook post arrived earlier in the week and revealed Popcorn Time beta 4.4 for Mac and Windows. The announcement came with a promise of Linux support “in a few days”, and also a quick note pointing to their Popcorn Time iOS release “in just a few”. There’s millions of people using iPhone and iPads, so you can expect any iOS release to be popular.


What changed a lot with the latest Popcorn Time 4.4 beta is the fact it’s “a cross platform desktop version”, which has been built in C++ and is exactly the same on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This means the Apple Mac OS X version benefits from a free built-in VPN for the first time, and this basically gives movie watchers anonymous watching.

Take a look at the Time 4 Popcorn Facebook page here with nearly 30,000 likes. You can read more about this software on the time4popcorn.eu website, or see the latest announcement within their blog post from earlier this week. There’s been a promise of an iPhone app for a while now, but it looks like that download link is just a few weeks or even days away.

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  • Ack Bar

    How safe is this clone? Heard it’s not safe.

  • zgz

    Time4popcorn is a different project to Popcorn Time. This is Time4popcorn application update.

    • Rob

      The author knows this and everyone knows this, but if you take a look at the Time 4 Popcorn Facebook page and the official website. It states “Popcorn Time beta 4.4 for Mac” and the time 4 popcorn website states “Popcorn Time – Download”. Everyone refers to time 4 popcorn, including the website itself, as “Popcorn Time”. Please check your facts before commenting.