Neymar face from Santos FC to Barcelona in PES 2015

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 14, 2014

We are days away from the PES 2015 demo release date and those behind Pro Evolution Soccer are pushing their title more than ever. Fans are also having their say, especially with simple videos featuring the evolution of PES graphics like with some footage found below with Neymar da Silva Santos Junior. The football players face can be seen from when he played for Santos FC to his current position at FC Barcelona.

You can see a Santos FC screenshot from the video below that reveals limited detail. This face is from PES 2012, although there’s also earlier versions featured in the video as well. Neymar announced his transfer to FC Barcelona on 27 May, 2013.


The latest face for Neymar in his FC Barcelona kit can be seen below our article. This reveals how the game has improved over time, especially thanks to hardware upgrades as well.

How good the details are will be seen first hand within the PES 2015 demo in 3 days time. In fact, the European Product Manager for PES is clearly claiming the FIFA 15 demo doesn’t “come close” to what will be revealed in the PES 2015 demo. He’s talking about how good the football game looks, as you can see in the tweet below.

Everyone knows FIFA is much more popular than PES, but could we start to see things change with FIFA 15 and PES 2015? We’re skeptical and would love to hear from Product Reviews readers about each of these football games.

Do you think FIFA 15 won’t be able to complete with PES like Bhatti claims, or is it the other way around? Leave your thoughts in the comments about Bhatti’s Twitter messages and also on the evolution of Neymar’s face in PES.

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  • PES 2015 is looking to be amazing.

  • Alan

    The gameplay for PES over the last 2 years has been great imo, though PES 2014 was quite flawed. FIFA is a monster when it comes to all the trimmings, and the gameplay is good aswell. PES for me is a better experience in terms of the football though, and will continue to be from what I’ve seen and read. They just need to make the career mode more in depth and add more to do in it.