iOS 8 GM apps crashing with workaround

- Sep 14, 2014

We have been testing iOS 8 Gold Master on iPad and noticed an almost perfect build that’s meant to be like the public release. While our in-house developer hasn’t seen any native iOS 8 apps crashing, there’s a few problems for those upgrading from a beta seed thanks to issues with the provisioning profile.

This problem isn’t expected to be felt by iOS 8 public users when the download releases this coming Wednesday. The developer can use a workaround in iOS 8 GM, which starts with a quick connection by USB to their Mac OS X system. The developer then launches Xcode, goes to the Devices Window followed by right clicking on the device and selecting “Show Provisioning Profiles”.

iOS 8 GM apps crashing

From here the app crashing problems can be fixed with ease for experienced developers. They only need to click on the certain provisioning profile and press “-” to remove the affected profile. The same button is pressed to remove all affected profiles, and then they just re-install the app.

If you have been using iOS 8 Gold Master on iPad or iPhone, have you had any problems with apps crashing? We’ve heard about some devs complaining about iPhone battery life in iOS 8, although our developer has had no problems in regard to battery drain. Again, feel free to leave a comment if you are currently using iOS 8.

Bottom-line with app crashing: If you download the iOS 8 public version next week and notice apps crashing, make sure you check to find out if this is related to the app developer first before blaming iOS 8. Developers need to make sure their app is working correctly with iOS 8 and this is why there’s been a Gold Master, so they can test everything for a public release.

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  • Jean Eichstedt McDermott

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