eBay responds to sign in problems

- Sep 15, 2014

We reported news about eBay not working around 2 hours ago and at the time eBay had been down for 2 hours in the UK, USA, and many other countries. It took eBay over 3 hours to respond to the sign in problems being felt around the world, and at the time of writing their sign in page isn’t loading still.

In fact, eBay’s sign in page just breaks completely and goes to “page not found”. The reports we’ve had can be seen in our earlier article, which has had over 100 comments from multiple US states to places as far as China.

Take a look at the latest tweet from the official Ask eBay page below. This statement confirms the problems with the logging in, and also reveals very little about why users of the auction website cannot sign in.


What’s your thoughts on eBay being slow to confirm problems with their sign in? There’s been a lot of complaints about how slow eBay had been to confirm the problems, over 3 hours, and even to start looking into the fact eBay was down for thousands all over the world.

Update: eBay confirmed the problems have been fixed around 6 hours ago within the tweet seen above, although we are still hearing about sign in issues with tweets appearing every few minutes. We’ve confirmed accounts in the UK and USA are working fine for us, so it’s unclear what’s going on. Leave a comment below if you still have eBay sign in problems after the statement issued above.

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  • Mark

    Ebay seems to be having managerial issues as well as simple sign in problems. They put you in a catch 22 claiming wrong password yet there is no way to resolve it.

  • Suprxman

    Haven’t been able to sign in for 8 days now. I’m only a buyer but the sellers should be screaming by now. I have to actually turn my computer off after ebay locks up when I try to log in. I’ve been on ebay since 2002. I’ve heard ebay and Paypal are going to separate their businesses so maybe that’s the reason it’s not available now. Guess I’ll start going to brick and mortar stores. Bye ebay.
    I don’t like bull shirt.

  • LCBascom

    Registered on Ebay Hire. When I tried to return and sign on, error message says my email address not in the system. Sent complaint to Ebay Hire a week ago. No response. What gives?

  • Njyt

    In NYC, and still can’t log in from my android phone or computer, but oddly enough, im signed in on my Itouch!!!

  • sandra

    Getting rather peeved now, not been able to sign in for 3
    days now!!!!!!!

  • emmadee

    Still can’t sign in on the eBay app!!!!!

  • WTF

    it has not been fixed!

  • Colinh

    Can’t sign in on mobile, tablet or computer. It’s getting very frustrating now. That’s 3 days and still no joy

  • Konan

    can’t sign in, keeps redirecting to reset password page

  • Sally

    I can’t sign it been unable to since yesterday morning

  • Tonya

    I still can’t sign in either!! Extremely annoying!!!

  • David

    still can’t sign in – more than 24 hours now (UK)

  • jjs1028

    No, can’t sign in.

  • sandy

    8 am EST nope can’t sign in…..once again, just like last week invalid name/password

  • Sarah

    Nope still can’t log in just keeps saying invalid username/password! Very disappointing !

  • claire

    Still can’t log in! Pathetic

  • Charlie

    I’m in Australia , tried logging in 12 hours ago and it’s still down .. Hurry up and fix the problem !

  • Funnymen007

    I think eBay should just banned all Russian hackers from the site, right now.. I can just
    read the eBay web banner ad right now: “No Dogs and Russian Hackers are Allowed
    to Buy and Sell on eBay!”

  • Angel Castiel

    Been advised on my mobile that my session has expired and need to sign in again. Tried twice with same result.
    Earlier unable to watch items using mobile site. Have not bothered with desktop.
    I have items that I am selling and I hope this issue does not hamper my potential sales.

  • Rachel Best

    I’m absolutely fed up with ebay signing in yet again, happened 2 weeks ago now since 8 am this morning,
    Had things on ebay to sell, because of this people couldn’t sign in to bid on,
    Quick enough to take your money off you when sold your goods, not happy at all

  • Disgusted

    Down again. Down earlier this week yet we pay over 10 percent to sell plus they charge us for the shipping charges which seems totally illegal to me. Horrible service. Cannot reps. Disgusting.

  • zimbalatti .

    Just logged in….seems to be up now in Michigan.

  • Cooper

    NY – Was able to log-in just now.

  • 1bar1

    Standard disregard for customers – SELLERS.

  • Old_Conservative

    Ebay has been down since around 6:00am EDT (when I first tried to log on), and we’ve been unable to log in since then! The thought of missing sales for this long is agonizing and critical, since sales are usually best on the weekend. We also noticed other glitches (printing labels, etc) since the major outage 9/9 as well. A general slower feeling, as well as failing to trade information Ebay to PayPal. Just spent their last service credit for the 9/9 outage; every user should get one this time as it appears everyone – both buyers and sellers – are affected!