eBay down across US, sign in not working

- Sep 14, 2014

The popular eBay auction site is down today across the United States, which has happened just as this part of the world wakes up. We’ve heard from a number of our readers and seen thousands of comments in the last few minutes about eBay not working in Chicago, New York, and even down in New Mexico.

It’s unclear if this is just a glitch that will be fixed in a short amount of time, or if this a longer downtime like we’ve seen within the last month when eBay went down across Europe and the United States.

Is eBay down for you today and if so, what US city are you seeing problems in? If you managed to sign in, then we’d love to know when things started to go wrong. The complaints we’ve received seem to show a complete outage with thousands not able to sign-in with iOS an Android apps, access the website, and more.


One Product Reviews reader said, “I just woke up and tried to make payments today, although eBay signs me out. Now I am being asked to re-register along with getting sent a new password”. Another added, “I’ve just got an error, it says my session expired and now keeps wanting me to sign in again”.

We’ve reached out to eBay for comment on their service going down on September 14th, although we ar yet to hear back and haven’t seen any official comments on Twitter just yet. Hit the comments to share feedback with the community. Story developing.

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  • vl

    At what point will the Board start reading this stuff and fire DONOHOE instead of underlings (who probably DO know how to their jobs)?

  • Mrs Walters

    Keeps telling me that my session has expired and makes me log back in. Once I’m logged in, I have about 30 seconds before I’m kicked off again. Irritating.

  • 1bar1

    Up, but now the annoying picture suggestions are back.
    How shall I make that third picture of an old army patch?
    On edge?
    Or just rotated 180?

  • lloyd

    back on now in london uk

  • Joe

    Back up but I lost 4+ hours on my auctions that no one could bid on. One of my auctions will sell but now I only have 55 minutes left on it, when other bids could have been placed during that down time. And will Ebay correct this? No!!!!

  • zimbalatti .

    Same here in Michigan….Just got back on (for now)

  • NYC’er

    back up for me, although the site is slow overall. some options are not accessible, mainly ‘Purchase History’.

  • josef0020

    down in Italy, i m selling for few cents because someone can sign in and bid , i don’t know how.!!

  • coolstuff1

    Down in Greece for over 4 hours as well!

  • Jmartin

    Not able to login or even bring up the ebay site on IE, Google or Foxfire. I am in Arizona 8:00 am

  • deven

    Down in michigan

    • zimbalatti .

      This Blows

  • Alf

    Also down in Spain

  • Albop

    not working in scotland either. get your act together ebay!!!!!

  • Amie

    Tried calling customer support and total wait time was way over 2,000 minutes. Hope they get it fixed soon.

  • Amie

    Down in Virginia.

  • DavidinCT

    Here in CT, have not been able to access it all day, wtf…. I do business on eBay, so are they going to extend my auction times, or give us a credit because no one can access it and possibly miss a customer that buys my items ?

    • Joe

      I’d like to know this too.

    • Bob

      Not a chance, they’ll tilt head 15 degrees and say, we apologize.

  • zimbalatti .

    Down in the Detroit area.

  • Romany-UK

    Yup, still down in UK too

  • 1bar1

    The only place I ever saw with less regard for its customers was a county jail I worked in.

  • Ray

    error code in Colorado springs Colorado cant even access page.

  • Brenda

    Not working in Bedford, OH

  • David Steelman

    E-Bay needs to get it’s act together. Top Exec’s need to take a pay cut so it can hire qualified programmers to run site instead of $15 hour fast food workers. I wish we sellers could file a class action suit to hold them accountable for the loss’s we are taking. Also would be great if somehow E-bay got some viable competition so we could have an option. They are in control since they also own Paypal even though the communication between the two seems non-existent unless it is to take money from your account.

    • Bob

      eBay execs taking a pay cut? Good luck with that.

  • You are dumb.

    Down in Denver,CO.

  • English Rose

    We here in England, United Kingdom, have no eBay either!!

  • Jay Grawn

    Down in Milwaukee!

  • Guest

    down in NYC for the past 6 hours.

  • Gail Dalmat

    Not working around 7 am in Central NYS; Still not working at 10:50 am.Not good–we have a bunch of items ending tonight.

  • Ellen Snyder

    can’t relist

  • full moon

    down in poughkeepsie n.y since 6am

  • luey

    In Atlanta (Stone Mountain)GA -Losing Money!!!!! NOT HAPPY!!!!!

  • KC Seller

    Down in Kansas City too. Actually managed to log in for a minute, after a couple tries. But then, when trying to get off the myEbay page, said server was busy/couldn’t connect.

    They are probably trying to upload all the new ruin a seller features they promised to inflict upon us starting tomorrow…

  • Ebay HQ

    Works fine here at HQ in San Jose, CA.

    • KC Seller

      Maybe because it is headquarters and you probably have a specific server just for your stuff… When everyone else is down, and headquarters isn’t, sure sign things aren’t right.

    • Bob

      eBay HQ? That’s no surprise, what about the remainder of your world?

  • Artfulmixx

    Down in Idaho