Destiny Master Chief easter egg location

Those who are playing Destiny appear to have spotted one of Bungie’s clever surprises. It was almost inevitable that we may see references to Bungie’s previous work and now it looks like we have the Destiny Master Chief easter egg location to share with you.

This is just one of the many Destiny easter eggs that are scattered throughout the game. You’ll be pleased to hear that this particular easter egg is relatively easy to find though and doesn’t require any special circumstances.

Take a look at the image below – does it remind you of a certain iconic character from Bungie’s Halo franchise? Some gamers are saying it is just a coincidence, but we think it is a clear throwback from Bungie on Master Chief.

They have even got the orange visor effect, for those that need further evidence. As for the exact location, you’ll be able to find Master Chief on Mars during the strike mission. The tower that Master Chief is apparently themed on is the same building in which you see lieutenants enter.

For that want to see it in action, we’ve found some gameplay for you here. Do you think that this is a clear reference to Master Chief or not? It’s interesting that it’s there for PlayStation gamers to spot as well, given that Halo was a Microsoft franchise.

Let us know if you have found this already and any other cool easter eggs that Bungie has put into the game.



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