Clash of Clans Lava Hound strategy

- Sep 14, 2014

There’s going to be different opinions on the best Clash of Clans Lava Hound strategy and we’ve already taken a look at using this troop with an Air Defense surprise thanks to some gameplay. There’re also those that don’t quite get the Lava Hound and some feel it looks like an Air Tank, or flying pig.

You won’t need to look far to see a lot of mixed reaction to the Lava Hound from the Clash of Clans community. Some people feel that the troop is “really stupid and not strong”, although others completely disagree and understand its purpose.

One Product Reviews reader said, “The Clash of Clans Lava Hound has a specific strategy and it’s not overpowered. If you watch videos featuring the Lava Hound, you’ll see this troop doesn’t do any real damage even when maxed out, but the Lava Hound defense is amazing and when used correctly can really change the outcome”.

Clash of Clans Lava Hound

Lava Hound strategy – if you are wondering how you should use the lava hounds once the next Clash of Clans update arrives, then one of the best debates on this very topic can be seen in this forum thread. The new troop might not do much damage, as we mentioned above, but when used correctly this troop is going to change game strategy completely.

How do you think the new Clash of Clans Lava Hound will change your game strategy?

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