Best Smash Bros Death Combo with Mario

We have something interesting for those who are looking forward to picking up Super Smash Bros on Nintendo 3DS and Wii. The 3DS Smash Smash demo is now live for select members of course and players are already finding ways to find the best Smash Bros death combos to take out players in a single combination.

If you consider yourself to be a good Smash Bros player, you may want to keep practising, as players are already finding out ways to use Smash Bros death combos on the latest game.

Take a look at the best Smash Bros death combo with Mario that we have found so far, with False taking out Keitaro in a live video with reaction. It’s already providing to be a popular video on YouTube and even more so considering it made the victim ‘quit’ in embarrassment.

The real beauty behind this video though is that it essentially confirms that each character is going to have the ability to take out opponents in a single combination provided you take the time to master the moves.

We are already seeing some feedback from others who are saying that these types of moves are overpowered, but it all depends if you can pull them off in a local multiplayer battle first.

Have you already mastered some combos on the FIFA 15 demo?



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