EE UK and down for maintenance

- Sep 12, 2014

The EE and T-Mobile UK websites are down today for maintenance. The fact that both stores are not working is pretty obvious thanks to both and redirected to the same online shopping website, which came after EE took over T-Mobile operations some time ago.

You will also notice the Apple UK store down today and in fact all Apple stores around the world while shoppers wait to pre-order iPhone 6. The likes of O2 have chosen to keep their homepage up and working, even though they will also be making preorders from 8:01am along with O2 and Apple’s UK Store.

Are you waiting to pre-order an iPhone 6 today and if so, what store will you be visiting to make your purchase? You can also visit Apple once the store comes back up to buy an unlocked version in the UK. and of course the EE UK website it redirects to will only be able to handle so much traffic today. With this in-mind, you should expect problems with ordering if the demand gets too great. We’ve already heard about some issues with the Apple UK website not working and this has been seen last year, especially with slow loading times and broken connections to servers.

If you run into problems with either O2, EE, or Apple UK websites today then we’d love to hear about them in the comments. Of course, share your country as well if you have issues with other Apple Online Stores around the world.

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  • Truth set you free

    Can’t add to cart 🙁

  • Paul Gale

    Website still down here – been trying since 7:50 and briefly got part of the iphone 6 pages – but when trying to pre-order just got 503 and 504 timeouts. now the main site is down or unreachable too from here.

  • Truth set you free

    its 5 minutes past the deadline and apple store still down for maintenance

    • Ivan Cervantes

      its been almost 20 and still down

      • Truth set you free

        30 minutes and still down

    • martinbell11

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