Clash of Clans down for Archer Tower 13, Lava Hound update

By Alan Ng - Sep 12, 2014

We have some breaking Clash of Clans news to bring you now, as Supercell are continuing the excitement for fans this week. Just hours ago, we told you that new features were coming to the game with the Lava Hound troops.

Now, we have confirmation just minutes ago, that Clash of Clans is down today for a maintenance break that will prepare gamers for the update. Supercell has told everyone that players will also be able to boost all resource collectors for 1gem each, but the big features are the Lava Hound troops and also the addition of Archer Tower level 13.

Those who are forum members will have found out the ‘exclusive’ sneak peek that Archer Tower level 13 is also coming with the next big update. We can show you a confirmation of this below if you need to see it.

It means that the next Clash of Clans September update for the game is going to be amazing, offering plenty of new content to play and in-turn lots more strategies to work out.

The question is, how long will the Clash of Clans maintenance period last for and when will Clash of Clans be back up today? Let us know if your game has just gone down and if you are excited to be able to use Lava Hound troops, Dark Barracks level 5 and Archer Tower Level 13.

List your early strategies below!

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  • liak

    so not ture thats lvl 11

  • cjf

    mine has not went down yet

  • Dude who is a clasher

    Mine just went down

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