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Best Destiny rifle in PS4 US review

Are you already an expert on Destiny multiplayer? For those that are just getting started, we have an excellent video for you to watch now, previewing one of the best weapon sets in the game seen so far, the Destiny Fusion rifle which you can obtain.

We can already see some of the reaction on social media, with many gamers saying that it looks like a reskinned Halo with disappointment that they ‘fell for the hype’.

Others are loving the game however, especially one user in particular who has offered up over 7 minutes of Destiny gameplay commentary with one weapon from the Fusion Rifle set.

Looking at the gameplay of this Fusion Rifle though, do you think it is the best weapon in the game at the moment as the uploader claims? The weapon in particular is the Nox Cantor III, but some of you may be thinking that the SK5 Type-Null is a lot better.

Then there’s also the Thunderlord machine gun which we love as well. Check out the footage below and give us your opinion on what you think is the best Destiny weapon so far.

Nobody can complain that there aren’t enough weapons in the game, Bungie has got that aspect covered.



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