Samsung mocks Apple live stream, shots fired

We had a feeling that Samsung may have something to say about Apple’s terrible live stream quality a few days ago and we have been proved correct. Samsung has released a new Ad, mocking their rivals and questioning whether they really know how to work in technology.

Apple was almost asking for trouble when millions of viewers tuned in to watch the iPhone 6 unveil on Apple’s homepage or on Apple TV, only to experience constant buffer problems, freezing and looping issues with the stream automatically restarting itself from the beginning.

No doubt that Samsung would have heard about the problems too and now they’ve released their own take on it. Some may call this petty, others may find it funny but the video titled “It doesn’t take a Genius – The Live Steam” is now available to watch below.

Key moments from the clip include lines from Samsung such as “You can’t handle a live stream? This is unbelievable – you work in technology and you can’t handle this?”

The set-up for the video is also mocking Apple’s Genius Bar theme, so it’s an all-out attack just days after Apple’s latest event. There’s some interesting comments underneath the video from YouTube, both from fans who find it amusing, but others who argue that Samsung are taking it too far and that it’s cheap advertising.

What do you make of it though? Do you see it as a bit of harmless fun, or agree that it’s getting a bit over the top now? What we will agree on though is that trying to watch that live stream during one of the most anticipated product launches was disappointing.



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