Moto 360 battery life after 4.4W.1 update

It’s a well known fact that smart watches don’t contain ideal battery life just yet with early generations and the Moto 360 isn’t an exception to this viewpoint. The Moto 360 battery life has had its fair share of complaints with certain users reporting problems, although there was hope that things could improve after the 4.4W.1 update.

Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch looks great if you enjoy a classic design with a round face, although it won’t match the battery life seen with a traditional watch anytime soon. This is of course due to the electronics and power demand of smart watches, but how good is the battery life really?


Part of the issue seems to be with expectation from smart watches and some people might expect the Moto 360 battery life to last much longer than it does during real world use. This is one of the reasons Apple didn’t feature their Apple Watch battery life during the September 9th keynote.

Users on Moto 360 battery life – we’ve seen plenty of feedback in regard to Moto 360 battery drain being too fast in the past, but recently the feedback is very positive. This is what one Product Reviews reader had to say, “I fully charged my Moto 360 this morning and after using it for 9 hours, I’m still at around 70%”. Another added, “I’ve been really happy with the Moto 360 battery life and after 12 hours of light usage I’ve got 62% left”.

It looks like the Moto 360 battery life is one of the best from current smart watches and especially after the 4.4W.1 update.



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