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Minecraft PE Android L preview problems

You might have heard about Minecraft PE Android L preview issues a few days ago, especially considering a number of the games developers are sharing updates on their Twitter accounts. The latest update from one game developer at Mojang, states there will be more types of fences in the next Minecraft PE 0.10.0 update, but it’s not this tweet that interested us most and instead we were drawn to news in regard to Android L preview.

Around 2-3 days ago we noticed a tweet from Johan Bernhardsson, currently working on Minecraft Pocket Edition, and he made a point of problems with the game in Android L preview. You can see the said tweet below and also a screenshot he featured today talking about more fences coming to the Minecraft PE 0.10 update.


The latest tweet from Bernhardsson arrived today and gives an update on the Android L preview problem. Apparently, the issue was related to the Android L update. You can see the tweet below explaining just this and of course by clicking it, you will see replies from the Minecraft PE app community as well.

Are you looking forward to the next Minecraft PE update? It’s unclear if we’ll be seeing new features in the next update, or the one after that, but we’ll know soon enough thanks to an update on iOS and Android expected this month.



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