Minecraft PE 0.10.0 release date status, potential features

By Alan Ng - Sep 11, 2014

Minecraft players on iOS and Android are still patiently waiting for Mojang to deliver on the highly anticipated Minecraft PE 0.10.0 release date. This week, we bring a welcome status update for you on the release and also some potential features that may arrive with the next update from the views of a developer who is currently working on the game.

It’s clear that there’s still a lot of issues that need to be sorted in the game. Initially we were expecting 0.10.0 to be a performance update, rather than an update which would introduce new features.

However, some interesting messages left by Tommaso Checchi, developer at Mojang suggests that we could be due to receive some new features with the new Minecraft Pocket Edition update after all.

Here is what Tammaso initially said about the Minecraft 0.10.0 Pocket Edition update, but he later followed it up by saying this:

In this list of potential features for the game, he added by saying that they could be coming soon – i.e, in the next version of Minecraft PE. They include features such as rebuilding the build system, adding a ‘make world infinite’ button and also adding new controls to the game.

He was careful to not confirm or deny that any or all of these features would make it into the next or subsequent updates, but rather give fans a heads-up on what is on the to-do list for Mojang moving forward.

The most promising information to take out of Tommaso’s series of Tweets, is that Minecraft PE 0.10.0 could be coming within two weeks, so that is a very useful status update for fans who have been wondering when the new update will land.

If you are playing the game daily, let us know what you would love to see in the next Minecraft PE update. Are you happy with the features mentioned on the to-do list, or would you like to see something not mentioned?

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  • Minecraft

  • cool Chelsea 11

    Get a move I want the update now on March the 30th 2015 plz

  • stuff

    Add fish and make creative mode be day and night your choice but no monster spawn

  • Rillex17

    ADD REDSTONE PLEASE. I NEED IT FOR MY SECRET BASE IN A MOUNTAIN… that is not secret anymore is it?

  • Kayleigh


  • Kayleigh

    I’m just going to put a list now. Enchantment tables, horses, hamsters, mods( for mcpe in ipad), and bathtubs, toilets, laptops, hunting, guns, deer, and going to other peeps servers without wi-fi.

  • Kayleigh

    Cats too! He knows what i mean. – > 🐈🐈

    • Kayleigh

      I REALLY like to type. Don’t I? 😸

  • Kayleigh

    Oooohhh! And RAIN

  • Kayleigh

    And skins. And tradeing. And redstone. And levers. And buttons. And………I’ll stop talking/typeing now. And placeing redstone. And cool stuff. LOL 😛

  • Kayleigh

    Please add boats in mcpe on the ipad. If you did, MINES NOT WORKING 😄

  • Hayley


  • Supergeekygamergirl(future ch)

    It’s only fair that they make minecraft pocket and for all other systems have everything that pc does because it is so annoying that pc people can get skins and mods and enchantments and most other systems can’t it’s like a new kind of racist with consoles.

  • ellis

    REALLY NEED BOATS!!!!! Hope we can switch from creative to survival and what is fog???????

  • Hunter

    A lot of this stuff is already included in IOS versions but I would love to see skins and be able to play hunger games and stuff like that 🙂

    • stuff

      Make creative mode change from day to night your choice and not spawn any monsters and add fish please!!!!

  • Brent101

    Should have The End

  • Rene Allen

    Should have the experience gauge and hunger also enchantment table

  • sas

    But I do like the list a lot

  • sas

    I think eventually they should put in lucky blocks

  • sas

    I think December is a good plan. But I am really excited !!!!!so put something good in!

  • hai

    It should rain in mcpe and must add more features of pc version to mcpe

    • killerx

      Ya agree

  • Hshs

    When is it comeing out the date

  • kayla

    You should put in horse

  • Awesomediamond

    The thing that is more exciting is that there is going to be skins

  • Awesomediamond

    When are they going to realease 0.10.0 they told me that it was going to be released in December or early 2015

  • Micky mouse

    I wish we could get red stone

  • Bigsister513

    I wish we could get CATS! I’m sucha cat person. 😀 🐈

  • Nicole

    I can’t wait

  • david lumas

    Enchantments, hunger, and redstone tech

    • Bigsister513

      I completely agree with you, do you think they’ll add it later?

    • Mickey Mouse

      Yes I wish

    • Mickey Mouse

      I wish they could have one big update and u get everything in of version and no lag at all but that’s too much to ask probly

  • Antonio

    Allow cheats and skins

  • anonymous

    maybe things as redstoe and such maybe a bit too much of coding to do if we want it to release soon but a very useful feature would be making items flow down water 😀


    Redstone, single player commands, and the ender dragon

  • Secret

    U need to add a lot of the PC settings and non jailbroken mods
    Sorry but it would be cool

  • Secret

    I think u need to add redstone and levers and pressor plates and anything that involves redstone in 0.10.0 or 1.0.0

    • Bigsister513

      Pretty much…… WE NEED REDSTONE!!!!!!

  • J.W.K

    Add more mobs, oars, and tools to pocket edition.

  • Anonymous

    I think (In my opinion) that they will add all the red stone stuff in 1.0.0, though 0.10.0 may be only a small update! I don’t know thats what i think :3

  • Dylan

    It needs trading with villagers, temples, and ravines!

    • Bigsister513

      Well, I guess you right.😃


    I need to know when the next update is so i can be aware of it on the play store plz just need one date ND that it

  • A

    Put lvls and enchanting tables

  • sas

    And dispenses

    • Bigsister513

      Also need dispensers.

  • albiery vargas

    MICROSOFT BUYS MOJANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • albiery vargas


  • albiery vargas

    Piston I’m sorry

  • albiery vargas

    How about redstone like positions and reporters

  • sas

    Also I would like villagers being able to trade, potions,ender Dragon,iron Google’s,mods, hunger games,

  • Sabin T

    Can I please test the beta test team I love minecraft and can’t wait for the next update. Please please please. I really like minecraft I play it a lot

    • Sunsook Kim

      beta is not out yet, you cant have it by just ‘pleasing’. CHECK THE OFFICIAL SITE!!!

  • Sabin T

    Brewing stands potions witches nether mods free skins boats cats new items snow and iron goloms trading

  • sas

    These are a few of the things I want in the next few updates
    Horse,cats, fishing,leads, change mode button,in game music,levers, pistons, anvils,skins, buttons,enchanting,end ,nether, boats, saddles,squidkin,squids,and pressure plates,please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MarcoGaming

    How about witches horses bats cats and riding oh and nether and fishing.

  • Dani Balderas Hernandez

    something I want to know is how to download this new update friends or not yet out when and Tomasso I’m not pressing just do not get the message this sent list very well and if I can join the group of guinea pigs for MCPE because undoubtedly m excited to play the new version without another mishap hopefully answer me and I about the group or tell me how to join would like some time to help without making money not advertising doing etc thanks and have luck with bugs because if you are a real problem I speak from experience, I also worked at a video game company that is why I mention this farewell greetings

  • Richie

    Logic Gates needed

  • Panhead170

    Redstone stuff. Like pistons, leavers, buttons, repeaters, and iron doors.

  • jazzy j

    Why dont you add working redstone? It would be awsome to create somthing by a push of a botton.

    • MarcoGaming

      This guy/girl is right about that this game needs redstone add pistons too.

  • moy


  • moy

    I would love to see horses , leads ,anvils,name tags,nether,stained glass, cauldrons , potion brewing

  • ChrisB

    I’d like to see Texture Packs, Skins, Nether, Ender Dragon, End Portal, Cats, In Game Music, Brewing Stands and Enchanting would be nice too. Horses, Run Option and for IOS Users, an option to load up Maps from Drop Box, or even an option to download directly to Minecraft Worls Folder.

    • MarcoGaming

      Android too.

    • joseph

      You’re forgeting android… ios dont be selfish 🙁

      • anonymous

        dude android already has those features

  • alex

    I would like ghast and ender dragon and other mob

  • End3RknIght M0b

    Multiplayer plz

  • Samantha Jimenez

    I would like cats for the update.

  • Migz Cuad

    there are servers. pocketmine servers. Google it.

  • andrew

    This is not true go on minecraft wiki for actual info

  • eduardo

    Add hunger game in 0.10.0 plzzz and I play it all the time;)

  • oscar

    I would like maps multiplayer and boats and buttons pressure plates and dogs

    • Migz Cuad

      There is local multiplayer, also, there are servers. pocketmine servers. Google it.

  • andrew

    HOrses plz and mods and everything like pc plz

  • Brian

    I’m happy with the to do list for now

  • Jaydon

    Things can’t flow down water

  • mystery

    nether, mods, weather, commands, and able to ride pigs

    • joseph

      You can actually use the saddle on pigs on 0.9.5 if you hack the carrot thingy and the saddle in and use it on the pig 🙂 have fun

  • Isaac

    Making mobs

  • Susan Jastorff

    Pls pls pls put horses!!!

    • MarcoGaming

      Yah put horses pls and make them ride able.

  • Horselover

    HORSES!!! :'(

  • Darrion.

    I would like herobrine.WHERE IS THE DOWNLOAD LINK??

  • dakota bear

    I would like wither boss and horse and every thing pc has please thank u and I play it every day all day

  • briar sollock

    I would say that the fishing will be great. Realms would be very nice. Enchanting and brewing are the most important and make it to you can go to the end and kill the ender.Dragon so.there so something to do in minecraft. All we can do for now is build up so big to where we have done everything. And ender dragons death is a good goal to set when playing.

  • Cat

    I would like cats.

  • Addams

    I would like enchanting and brewing

    • MarcoGaming

      Me too and nether warts and PC creative menu.

  • Daemian Tucker

    I would like downloadable mods

    • joseph

      Unfortunately mojang wont add full support for mods

  • Tim

    I would like maps

  • Brian

    We’ll I would like squids ocelots red stone and fish bats dragonfly ender dragons portals ender pearl eyes of ender and potions golems witches and herobrine

  • Emma.bug

    Well I would like portals and electrics
    Kind of like Survivalcraft. There should be MRE animals like frogs and fish and maybe house fly’s. Birds should lay eggs. Oh and you should add beds. And they should hatch.

    • Emma.bug

      I ment eggs.

      • Emma.bug

        And more.not MRE. 🙂