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Humble Mobile Bundle 7 games list

The Humble Mobile Bundle 7 games list has been revealed within a new trailer seen below on this page, which includes Color Zen Premium, The Tiny Bang Story, and Heroes of Loot. You can pay what you want for these titles, but if you pay more than the just under $4 average then you also unlock three more games that include Sorcery, Horn, and Kingdom Rush Frontiers.

You still have 13 days left at the time of writing to benefit from Humble Mobile Bundle 7. This list of games are for Android phone owners, and the cause is pretty well known now for helping charities and fund developer projects.


Do you normally pay what you want for the Humble Mobile Bundle 7 first tier of games, or do you like to pay the average and get all the titles?

There’s also the promise of more games to come for those that pay the average for the entire Humble Mobile Bundle 7. The current average is exactly $3.99, but by the time you read this article it might have increased higher, so take a look at and watch the video featuring the games below.



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