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Clash of Clans September update for Dark Barracks Level 6, Phoenix

It is almost time for the Clash of Clans September 2014 update and developers Supercell have been teasing the community once again. We now know that Clash of Clans Dark Barracks Level 6 is definitely on the way, but potentially something extra as well.

If you are a daily player, you should already know that Clash of Clans Sneak Peek 3 has already gone live. It promises to be one of the biggest updates in recent months, thanks to the arrival of Dark Barracks Level 6 and in turn, new Clash of Clans Dark Troops to play around with.

It also means that new strategies are going to have to be made and players should have great fun finding out new ways to use the new troops effectively. Supercell hasn’t given out a set date for when the Clash of Clans September update release time will go live, but there are some great teasers.

We’ve added the two videos below which talk about the forthcoming update, two videos which Supercell themselves have posted on their official Twitter page. If you are excited about the Dark Barracks level 6 update, you should definitely check them out for further information.

One of the biggest talking points at the moment though seems to be about the other new feature that Supercell has teased. Fans have already been doing their own detective work and the conclusion so far seems to be that Supercell is going to drop something big in terms of new Clash of Clans Phoenix features.

Either way, we are going to find out the answer very soon as we think the Clash of Clans first update in September could be dropping at any moment. Prepare yourselves for any Clash of Clans maintenance before the end of the week and give us your theories so far on the potential new content that is coming.

Do you think the tease is definitely related to the Phoenix? What are your early Clash of Clans strategies for Dark Barracks level 6 going to be?



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