Xbox One October update with DLNA Vs PS4 wait

By Alan Ng - Sep 10, 2014

Microsoft are not slowing down in their efforts to make the Xbox One the best next-gen console. The company has already outlined their plans for the Xbox One October 2014 update, giving fans a very early heads-up on what to expect in terms of features.

This seems to be a growing pattern now, with Microsoft looking to let fans know what is coming at the earliest opportunity. It’s a great strategy to adopt and even better when Microsoft discusses new Xbox One features on video giving a clearer look for users.

We now know that the Xbox One October update feature list will include New Snap and Friends functions. Microsoft’s team have now enhanced Snap mode on the console, allowing users to bring up faster access to Friends and Messages whilst in the middle of a game.

One of the biggest features of the October update is DLNA. Xbox One users will soon be able to access their own media servers direct on the Xbox One and it will also extend to MKV files stored on a USB device or a device on your home network that supports DLNA streaming.

This is also very significant in the fact that it’s a highly requested feature for PS4 users, but Sony are yet to deliver it. It’s a similar situation with 3D Blu-Ray, with Microsoft initially announcing it first only for Sony to respond by eventually beating Microsoft to the feature – will it happen twice?

These are just a few of a whole list of planned features for October – Major Nelson has the full list here and we’ve included the video preview for you to watch below.

Is Microsoft making a solid claim to offer the best features on Xbox One, compared to PS4?

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  • Fred

    all xbox features are tv PnP .not what you want on gaming machine! i have pnp on my smart tv why do i need it on my xbox! ps4 fetures::
    * playing ps4 games remotly using ps vita or se phone. (very useful)
    *being able pass control to your friends over the internet,
    *being able to play with your friends when they dont have a copy of the game.
    *ps4 more powerfull
    most uselss DLNA most useless feature unless you want illegal from your pc! by supporting dlna ms are just supporting pirate.
    i destore my xb1 and brought ps4! so much bettterr

    • Justice Dean

      Dlna spec now includes rva which can make my TV in my other room view movies I have on my LEGAL hddvr from direct TV. It is also useful to stream my music collection to my amplifier.

      So no its not just for illegal purposes, there are some very legitimate purposes that we are being denied.

    • PlexFan

      This is the ONE bad thing about Sony. They own movie studios so you will not be seeing DLNA. Which sux coz I have PS4. Just use the PS4 browser to go to Plex to stream from your server to your PS4. For Australians, we pay up to 4 times more than UK or US consumers (for digitally distributed content), therefore we are forced to share our content. The real pirates are the companies that charge different amount in different jurisdictions for DIGITAL (no trnasport, retial etc) content.

      • Fred

        ps3 has dlna so ps4 will get it in the end they just forcing on the big stuff.

  • Jrocker23

    I really like what they are doing with the Xbox One

    • Arckanum

      I couldn’t agree more, I really enjoy my Xbox One.