Mojang’s Minecraft sale to Microsoft, Notch exit

What an exciting week this is turning out to be, or not depending on how you’ll feel about the latest news. Microsoft are reportedly in serious talks to buy Mojang, aka the creators of Minecraft.

It’s no joke either. Multiple publications are now treating it as fact that Microsoft has put a $2 billion offer on the table to buy Minecraft along with their argument that they will be able to make Minecraft “more profitable” by increasing its user base and doing more licensing agreements for toys and movies.

We also understand that the move will also see Notch step down from the company after the purchase is completed, giving complete control to Microsoft for the foreseeable future.

As you can imagine, social media has spawned mixed reaction to the move with many fearing for the future of Minecraft with regards to ownership and potential harm to the Minecraft modding community which continues to thrive under its own rules and creative freedom.

The Tweet which we’ve included above is just a reminder of Notch aka Markus Persson’s feelings that he once had in relation to Microsoft’s business strategy back in 2012.

There’s also one Tweet from a user within the hour who says that any talk of a potential Minecraft sale to Microsoft is ‘hurting his brain’.

How do you feel about this move though should it go through? An article published by Bloomberg suggests that it could be completed as quick as next week.

Is this a good move for the future of Minecraft or not? Are you surprised that Notch could be packing his bags for good?



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