Madden NFL 15 without Ray Rice

If you are a Madden NFL 15 player, by now you should have heard the big news regarding Ray Rice. After a video was released on the internet showing the Balitmore Ravens running back knocking out his partner with a single punch, EA has now taken action and are removing him from the game completely.

The video is not particularly nice viewing and there has been a massive debate brewing on whether his punishments are deserved or not. Aside from being banned from Madden NFL 15, he’s also been cut from Baltimore Ravens and indefinitely suspended by the NFL as a whole.

A confirmation by EA has been released on Twitter, with the publisher informing Madden NFL 15 players that the change will take place on Friday. The game is often the subject of rolling updates as the NFL season progresses, so Madden NFL 15 without Ray Rice should occur during the Week One update.

Is it the right thing to do though, or should he still be allowed to feature in the game? Most are united in saying that this punishment is well deserved and have commended EA for acting so quickly.

There’s still contrasting views from others though, giving Madden NFL 15 some extra spotlight until the dust settles. Once the update goes live though on Friday, Ray Rice is gone from the game.

Let us know what you think of this. Have you seen the video – how did you react?



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