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LFC vs. Man City in FIFA 15 demo BPL gameplay

Now the FIFA 15 demo is live on Xbox One, it was obvious a lot of gameplay would arrive on YouTube and this is what you can see below this article. The Barclays Premier League football match takes place between Liverpool FC and Manchester City FC, which has been seen by over 110,000 football and gamer fans already.

The BPL football match is played at Anfield and mostly plays out without any goals. At nearly full time LFC player Philippe Coutinho scores, and this results in a 1-0 win to Liverpool.


Take a look at the 15 minute FIFA 15 demo gameplay below on Xbox One, then let us know what you think about the upgrade in this franchise from what you’ve seen so far. Personally, we welcome this update and if you play FIFA 14 a lot you would most likely get your moneys worth throughout 2014/2015.

The FIFA 15 PS4 demo is going live today. The preview is already live on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Have you been hands-on yet and if so, what do you think?



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