iPhone 6 Vs Nexus 4 from Android haters

By Alan Ng - Sep 10, 2014

The iPhone 6 reveal is barely a few hours old, but already we can see that there has been some viral activity from Android owners who cannot resist the opportunity to boast. One image in particular compares the iPhone 6 Vs Nexus 4, arguing that Android users have had the iPhone 6 features ‘for years’.

This image is now doing the rounds on Twitter and Facebook quicker than you can say ‘One more thing’. It shows the iPhone 6 Vs Nexus 4 specs side by side from an Android user’s point of view.

They list specs such as a 750p resolution on the iPhone 6, compared to a 760p resolution on the Nexus 4. They also highlight new NFC payments on the iPhone 6 with Apple pay, with NFC payments that the Nexus 4 already had two years ago.


There’s a whole list of other matching specs, with the emphasis being that the iPhone 6 is only just launching with these features that the Nexus 4 had in 2012.

As a final kick in the teeth, there is a sarcastic leaving message which goads Apple users with a glimpse of 2016 features on another new iPhone which include wireless charging, water resistance, IR Blasters and split-screen apps – features of course which are already available on Android.

The image also leaves a parting gift on offering iPhone 6 users help with any of their new features – by asking an Android user who has been using the same features for years.

Is this a clever piece of marketing warfare from the Android user base, or simply a case of listing facts? It will be interesting to see if Apple, Samsung or Google respond to this in an official capacity.

This image is igniting at the moment though so let us know what you think about it. Do you agree that the iPhone 6 specs are not strong enough compared to the best Android phones, or do you think it’s just a case of jealousy?

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  • Kart Durai

    Been used both iPhone (on contract from sprint) and android phones. I do like android os due to the flexibility and ability to just universal connections with USB instead of the apple cable connections. I also but of course apple os is very simple and easy to use. I also do like the BYOD compatibility

  • Clkbrian

    I have iPhone 5S and Samsung S5. The Samsung is a company phone, btw. I have so much hard time using the Samsung as I have been using iOS ever since. After 3 months practices, I have to admit that I am a total Android fool and unable to use most of the function without issue. The smoothness is not there, the camera is unable to use when you need it and same as most apps, when you need it, it will keep loading or stalled. I need to take the Samsung to service the camera after 1 week but I never have any problem with any iOS devices. The reasons of people like Android is because they hate Apple or they want to keep themselves busy to fiddle with the phone. Constant update those useless apps and so on.

  • Ariah

    I love how the article uses the term ‘android haters’ – could technically mean both parties, will cough up a giggle, and stir the simmering pot of hate.

    It’s a phone people. Find one you like and be done with it.

  • Backberry User

    The comparison is not correct check the 1334x750p resolution of apple it has 326ppi while the nexus has 1280x760p it has 320ppi. So try to write down complete and accurate comparison. 😛

  • Yunik

    And one more thing… It’s 2014.. Please android users I know you are stupid but at least try looking a good calender app before you post

    • Sleeping Beauty

      Really? It’s 2014? wow… Must have slept a little too much…

    • Stophe79

      Is this supposed to be a joke or are you really that dumb?

      • Yunik

        You mean it’s 2012. No its 2014 where technology has evolved. Where you can do more with less.

        • Ariah

          You’re an idiot. The nexus 4 came out in 2012 with similar features that Apple are only now introducing… 2 years later. Are all Apple users as thick as you? That was pretty much the basis for this article.

        • Yunik

          Are you really that much an idiot. Just because nexus 4 came out with similar specs which apple is introducing now doesn’t change the date of the world.
          If they really were not an idoit then they would have said welcome to 2014 where iPhone users will be using 2012 specs.

          And by the fandroids 2012 specs in iPhone 6 is enough to crush the android like it did back with iPhone 5s

        • Reality

          Meanwhile in Mexico cartels are kidnapping women and children and beheading them on camera. But let’s have a hissy fit over who has a better phone. Me! No me! No ME! #dumbdumb

        • Ariah

          Oh sweet lord, you must be quite simple to not understand this concept.

          It says ‘Welcome to 2012’ not because it IS 2012, but rather because it ISN’T. The point the article is trying to make is that apple has NOT caught up with the technical specs of 2014.

          By the last line of the article, it is insinuating that apple will not catch up to the phones in 2014 UNTIL 2016… get it now? You made a mistake in your argument, so be reasonable and admit it.

          Actually dear, there are many Android devices that topple the Iphone 6 and are more adaptable, versitale and user-friendly than any IPhone, and until apple starts making decent headway with thier developments, they will be crushed in the market. lets face it, it’s the brand and advertising that makes them desirable… not the new additions to hardware and software.

  • Yunik

    How many time do I have to say that specs are nothing when you compare it to Apple products. Let’s test the high ends devices with in a few weeks to see who wins.
    Speed, gaming experience, camera, etc

  • iPhone User

    I’ve owned both iOS and Android devices and I honestly can say that I prefer iOS. It’s for a lot of reasons that go beyond hardware specs, but to be honest, I’m perfectly content with my iPhone 5. It works perfectly fine for what I need and unless it blows up I won’t be upgrading.

  • yay

    Incoming iphan comments!

    • Yunik

      Incoming fandroid comment

  • the underlying message

    The person who drafted the comparison did indeed cherry pick the points, but it does underpin a shift in the relative stance of apple vs android products. Apple used to lead the innovation, and did it brilliantly, while android device generally were playing catch-up. That has now reversed.

    There are a lot of strengths of the new iPhones, but there really isn’t anything offered that hadn’t generally been available from android alternatives for 1-2 years (other than strength of processor, but both systems generally maintain options there that are more than sufficient to handle contemporaneous demands).

    I am hopeful that the next iteration of iPhone truly challenges the range of capability of android devices, as it is that type of competition that encourages continuous development and keeps one from resting on their laurels (a mistake made by apple which cost them their market dominance).

  • Ed Misch

    I’m both iPhone and android user and a technician and all of these phone hypes are useless and is just for kids saying “my candy taste better than yours”. I teardown phones for inspections and for bloggers wanting to know whats inside of these phones contain. I had wished that Apple could have kept the square edges so even in my sleep I know I am holding an iPhone not an htc,samsung or any android round edged phone. Now I couldn’t tell unless i have to open my eyes. They have surrendered to the big and round trend. My kids do agree they’ll keep their iPhone 4 for now.

  • AndroidUser not AndroidHaters

    Jealous is not a right word. That pictures just compared about features in iphone 6 and nexus 4 in terms of hardware. That’s a fact. If Apple release the iphone 6 with one or many new technology and features, you won’t see a picture like that. Hmm, I do more agree if that pictures was said “motivating”

  • Damnitpeople

    Gosh darn it people shouldn’t get all giddy giddy about iPhone 6.

    Apple is a great company with an amazing OS, but what is up with the minute improvements? It’s like whenever I bump into an iPhone user, their friends most likely would say “oh wow can I borrow that iPhone?”. Yes it’s iconic and amusing at first, but why is it hyped so much that you wouldn’t even dare say “hey can I borrow your phone a bit?”.

    The answer is simple: people are enslaved by the iPhone. I mean cmon, I bet a big number of you Apple fans will drop their 5s right now once the 6 arrives. When we talk usability, Apple fans would boast that it tops the market. But…how the gosh darn heck can you say that after switching iPhones within less than a year? And what happened to the resale value of the recent phone you just abandoned? I bet my kidneys that they dropped by more than 60%.

    Gadgets are gadgets and I think people should hear what they’re actually telling themselves about Apple. It isn’t worth your $750, even if you do have the money. There are a lot of options out there both from Android and Windows that would just suit your tumblr, Facebook, Instagram needs nicely. Get the iPhone 7 if it really blasts you away with the good balance of freedom, scalability, usability, manageability, and all that jazz.

    Oh and if you’re talking about security? Ask the fappening victims.

  • get over yourself…

    To each his own. If you want an iPhone then get it. But keep it to yourself!

  • Marshall

    iPhone users want more than just features. This comparison totally misses the point. It’s about the user experience. It’s about design. It’s about the product feeling like a natural extension of yourself. That’s why iPhone users are so passionate about their products. Slinging out new features just for the sake of flash or quantity will not identify with me. I want quality. I want excellence in workmanship and strong materials. I want value. I want balance between form and function, something that adheres to strong principles of design.

    • Tim Balabuch

      Sir, you have a point! Thank you!

    • Nexus 4 User

      You make a great point, but to be fair there ARE Android devices like the HTC One M8, LG G3, Moto X (2014), etc. that are able to balance form and function quite nicely.

    • Nexus5Guy

      “I want value” – Well said, but I think you are scoring for the wrong team…

  • Mikel

    Jealousy? My wifes Windows Phone boasts more than I was able to take away from today’s reveal. Forget about not being worth the upgrade, only the most blinded Apple fans will walk away thinking we see a win in the win column with this release.