GTA V PC beta and PS4, Xbox One price rumors

We have some interesting GTA V news to bring you now, regarding the upcoming and long awaited GTA V PC, PS4 and Xbox One builds of the game. Images have surfaced, suggesting that we now know the GTA V PS4 and Xbox One price and also additional evidence suggesting that a secret GTA V PC beta is underway.

Rockstar has not released any new GTA V next-gen or PC information for a while, although they recently had to issue a statement on their support website to deny rumors that next-gen versions had been delayed until 2015.

The game is still on the way this Fall as promised and now it looks like the price could be $49.99 – $10 cheaper than the standard $59.99 for the price of a new retail or digital game.


The image below was apparently captured on Sony’s Store momentarily before being removed after realising it was visible to the public – note that it also shows prices for Driveclub and lists The Evil Within too.

A second image above shows evidence that some users have already played GTA V on PC, although this image is a lot harder to believe in our opinion. Details on both images have been included in the video below from GTA V community member DomIsLive.

Check it out and give us your reaction to these new pieces of intel. Assuming they are both legit – what is your reaction to a $49.99 price? We think it is a fair deal considering that it is already $10 cheaper and it could come with any new paid-DLC on top as a further incentive.

Are there really some gamers out there who are playing a GTA V beta on PC before anyone else? Let us know your thoughts on this.



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