FIFA 15 PS4 demo problems with lag fix

By Alan Ng - Sep 10, 2014

The FIFA 15 PS4 demo should finally be available to download now after a long wait compared to other platforms. Unfortunately though, there’s even more drama to inform you about as there seems to be a specific FIFA 15 PS4 demo problem with lag stutter.

We downloaded the demo and after playing the first game we saw our game slow down and stutter to a point in which it was barely playable. We’re not sure why the issue was happening but after further investigation we can see that it wasn’t just us with problems.

Within the hour, EA has also acknowledged that there is a problem with the PS4 demo as they have issued the following statement on Twitter which we can share:

The good news is that they know about the issue and are investigating the problem. Better than that though, our own investigations have concluded that you can actually fix the problem straight away.

It’s something to do with the FIFA 15 demo not playing nicely with network features, so restart the console and switch off your network and try again. You should see an immediate improvement and will be able to play without any lag.

It’s only temporarily of course as you’ll want to try out Ultimate Team mode features as soon as possible. Hopefully it won’t be a case of having to re-download the demo as that would be a further headache after the PS4 release delay.

Let us know if you encountered this problem too and if our quick-fix worked for you.

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  • scubastevem

    I also have the same problem with my game, can do anything without lag, driving me crazy. Is there a fix yet?

  • starlin

    I have the same problem and with the full game NO DEMO…. That’s sucks…

    • starlin

      And the worse thing is the lags is in all game I mean: in the menu, in a normal kick off game..

  • Carlos Velasco

    hey guys I had this issue with the demo was really frustrated then today as soon as I used the the full game the same thing starting to happen lag in the menus and inside the game. So I looked online and I found in a website that I should check my NAT and also that some ports needed to be open. So I decided to reset my whole wifi because I couldn’t remember my username and password to configure my router so after changing the name and password guess what? it worked perfectly. I connected to EA and no lag in the menus nor while playing. I’m guessing that was an IP problem or maybe a configuration that I used in my router that cause the problem.

    I really think that the issue is based on the router’s configuration because netiher of my friends had problems with the demo nor the full game, I was the only one. So I know it sounds like a lame solution but try it and let me know if I was just lucky.

    Good luck!

  • Joey c

    I have just picked up the game for ps4 and I can’t play a regular game without lag. I’ve restarted and turned off network. This is an offline game and it lags so much it’s disgusting.

  • Wazzi

    Fifa 15 full game also have problem with lags… I couldn’t play it on online mode…

    • Dr.Do

      Yes, I am having the same problem. I have write to the EA forums and EA live chat, nothing worked so far. Waiting for a patch, I hope they will release it quickly. I bought this game only for UT and Season so, what’s the point?

    • Boli

      I’m having the same problem, there is a patch but it doesn’t fix this issue.

  • Jonathan

    Thank you sooo much!! My FIFA demo works perfectly fine now after using those tips!!

  • minininja

    it only gives me 15 minutes until it exits the game because it cant find my user ID

  • Oryn

    Wow that worked, thanks!

  • Davola

    Been getting online lag since fifa12 on ps3, xbox360 and xbox one. Will they ever stop using p2p and use some proper servers?

  • Flo

    same in Austria…bullsh*t

  • PeedOffWitEA!

    Seriously frustrating, PS4 users getting a substandard product from ea again!!

  • Jimmy

    Yep wound me right up!

  • Torakikiki

    Same here in Italy… -_-

  • Tomas McHendry

    The only problem with disabling the network is that the server can’t veryfiy the license and the demo is suspended after an hour.

  • King Musa

    its not even on the store to download here yet

  • Ez

    the same problem…

  • pat

    I leave in the us. NY still don’t have it

  • Will_Dutchie

    Quite annoying really. Game isn’t officially out and yet manages to frustrate.