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EE Network not working, 4G signal problems again

EE Network appears to be having problems this week, as we have seen an increased amount of complaints about EE Network down today, with constant EE Network signal problems that are causing users hassle.

Getting a high signal with EE Network seems to be the main issue that has been affecting customers this week. Within 24 hours we have seen many complaints and a quick check on social media suggests that there are plenty of other EE users who are having the same problem.

We’ve also seen messages from users who said that they were unable to achieve a 4G signal with EE Network for hours, having to go back to a 3G connection which obviously isn’t ideal when you are paying higher costs for a faster service.

Above are just some of the complaints that we have seen this week about EE Network signal problems and we can see that they are still coming in. There has been no official statement on the EE Twitter page, so it doesn’t appear to be a serious outage at the moment – just intermittent.

If anything changes on this, we will let you know as soon as possible. For now, let us know where you are and if you have been experiencing any EE Network signal problems with your service this week.



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