Apple Watch features for health and fitness

The Apple Watch health and fitness features have been showcased in an official video by Apple. This trailer can be seen below this article and it focuses totally on how the new Apple Watch can help you with health and fitness.

If you love to keep active and own an iPhone 5 or above, then the Apple Watch could help you with your fitness tracking and make everything easier. If you don’t keep fit or worry about your health, then the Apple Watch can help motivate you in a number of ways to get more active and healthy.


There’s another video on that focuses on the Apple Watch collections, as seen in the screenshot above, although the video below will explain the features ideal for health and fitness.

What’s your thoughts on the Apple Watch features for health and fitness? The smartwatch will combine the benefits of an all-day fitness tracker with features found in advanced sports watches. Take a look at the video to find out more.



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