Apple TV 4th gen didn’t make event

While Apple impressed with the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay and Apple Watch, one new product that consumers were hoping to see unveiled but didn’t, is the missing Apple TV 4th gen model.

Consumers were secretly praying that a new refresh to the Apple TV would happen, but since traditionally Apple has never launched new iPhones together with new Apple TV boxes – it was always a long shot.

It means we now look ahead to the next possible date for a reveal, with speculation mounting that Apple could instead unveil the Apple TV 4G with new iPad models such as an iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 2.

Although attention was clearly on new iPhone models and the inevitable Apple Watch reveal, we can still see that a lot of Apple fans were disappointed not to see a new Apple TV.

Most will agree that the Apple TV interface is in long need of a makeover, with many expecting that a complete design refresh will come with the next major update.

Is Apple TV 4th Gen next on Apple’s to-do list? Let’s hope so. Give us your reaction to the Apple Special Event and if you agree that a Apple TV 4G reveal would have been better than new iPhones and the Apple Watch in your opinion.



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