3DS NES Edition Gamestop exclusive jealousy

Gamers in the US are going to be treated to something really special next month. GameStop have managed to get hold of an exclusive Nintendo 3DS NES Edition, recently announced over in Japan but is making it’s way over to the US next month.

It’s truly a thing of beauty and a collector’s dream as well. Those who grew up on the days of Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt on the NES will understand just how significant this NES theme is.

The only disappointing thing for everyone else is that it looks like it is only going to be made available in the US. GameStop will be selling it on October 10 and the price is going to be $199.99.

It’s worth pointing out that this is a standard 3DS XL model, not the new 3DS models that were announced last week with the new button layout.

While the box pictured below looks like an NES console, the actual 3DS is going to be themed like a NES controller. We don’t have images of inside the box yet, but hopefully Nintendo will provide these soon so gamers can decide whether or not to put a pre-order in.

While it’s fantastic news for those that live near a GameStop, is this a terrible decision to restrict this lovely NES version to the US, leaving those in Europe and UK with nothing?



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