Pokemon Mega Diancie event code for ORAS

Back in August, we gave you a heads-up that you will finally be able to get your hands on Diancie in Pokemon X and Y, by official means and not using Pokemon X and Y hacks or cheats that so many players have already taken advantage of.

Now, we can bring you a pleasing update on this. We told you in August that the Diancie event would be going live this Fall. However, now we know the dates on when you will be able to obtain that crucial Diancie event code.

We say crucial, as you will need to transfer Diancie over to Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire if you want to use the new Mega Diancie mega evolution that will be exclusive to the new game.

The only way to get your code is by heading into GameStop during October 27 and November 16. You’ll be given a card with the code on needed to obtain Diancie via the mystery gift function on your 3DS.

Additionally, if you head to GameStop between October 13 and October 26 you can also get your hands on a Shiny Gengar which will be holding a Gengarite. This is the stone needed to get Shiny Mega Gengar so that is well worth your time as well if you are still hunting for Shiny Pokemon in X and Y.

It’s been a long wait for legit players, but you’ll be able to obtain Diancie soon. Still it probably won’t make you feel better knowing that hackers have had access to Diancie for months.



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