NBA Live 15 Vs NBA 2K15 expectations

There’s a lot of excitement in the air with regards to the FIFA 15 launch, but don’t forget everyone in the US is gearing up for the massive launch of the two major NBA games. Both NBA Live 15 and NBA 2K15 are releasing in a short space of one another and now we have news of NBA Live 15 suffering a small delay.

Originally, we were expecting NBA Live 15 to beat NBA 2K15 by launching first on October 7. However EA has now informed basketball fans across the world that the game is now going to come out on October 28 – three weeks later.

October 7 is actually the date when NBA 2K15 is launching, meaning that we now can’t enjoy a simultaneous launch with both rival games from EA and 2K.


Is this a master plan by EA to have a separate launch by themselves after NBA 2K15, or is it going to backfire with everyone now choosing to buy NBA 2K15 first as it will be available first?

Both games look incredible in the graphics department and choice may simply come down to brand loyalty. If you have only played NBA Live games in the past you may stick with NBA Live 15 and those who bought the excellent NBA 2K14 may not want to dishonor 2K by jumping ship.

We’ve added both recent trailers below showing star player Lebron James in his Cleveland jersey. Let us know your expectations of NBA Live 15 and NBA 2K15, then tell us which game you will be picking up this October.



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