Liverpool worse than Man City, Chelsea on FIFA 15 demo

As we told you just moments ago, EA has now gone live with the FIFA 15 demo on Xbox One. Unfortunately, the FIFA 15 PS4 demo is still not live but those on Xbox One can now start playing the game with the 8 teams that EA have provided.

These eight teams include the likes of Liverpool, Barcelona, Manchester City and Chelsea. According to EA though, Liverpool is going to be one of the worst rated teams on the demo as they are only 4.5-star compared to Chelsea and Man City whom EA have given 5-star team ratings to.

We can even see that the likes of Borussia Dortmund are rated higher than Liverpool on the demo – we’re guessing that EA’s scouts missed the 4-0 demolition of Dortmund by Liverpool just a few weeks ago.


The stats have been released though by EA, with Liverpool having a 4.5-star rating that consists of just 81 attack, 79 midfield and 79 defence. With Balotelli, Sturridge and Sterling, shouldn’t it be a little higher than 81 in reality?

In comparison, Man City have 83 attack, 82 midfield and 81 defence, while Chelsea have exactly the same stats as Manchester City. Barcelona are clearly head and shoulders above everyone else on the demo as the strongest team, with stats such as 87 for attack, 84 for midfield and 81 for defence – not surprising with an attack consisting of Messi, Neymar and Suarez.

Are you happy with EA’s ratings for the FIFA 15 demo teams? Let us know if you are playing right now or still waiting, and your thoughts on Liverpool being only a 4.5-star rated team.



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