Liverpool worse than Man City, Chelsea on FIFA 15 demo

By Alan Ng - Sep 9, 2014

As we told you just moments ago, EA has now gone live with the FIFA 15 demo on Xbox One. Unfortunately, the FIFA 15 PS4 demo is still not live but those on Xbox One can now start playing the game with the 8 teams that EA have provided.

These eight teams include the likes of Liverpool, Barcelona, Manchester City and Chelsea. According to EA though, Liverpool is going to be one of the worst rated teams on the demo as they are only 4.5-star compared to Chelsea and Man City whom EA have given 5-star team ratings to.

We can even see that the likes of Borussia Dortmund are rated higher than Liverpool on the demo – we’re guessing that EA’s scouts missed the 4-0 demolition of Dortmund by Liverpool just a few weeks ago.


The stats have been released though by EA, with Liverpool having a 4.5-star rating that consists of just 81 attack, 79 midfield and 79 defence. With Balotelli, Sturridge and Sterling, shouldn’t it be a little higher than 81 in reality?

In comparison, Man City have 83 attack, 82 midfield and 81 defence, while Chelsea have exactly the same stats as Manchester City. Barcelona are clearly head and shoulders above everyone else on the demo as the strongest team, with stats such as 87 for attack, 84 for midfield and 81 for defence – not surprising with an attack consisting of Messi, Neymar and Suarez.

Are you happy with EA’s ratings for the FIFA 15 demo teams? Let us know if you are playing right now or still waiting, and your thoughts on Liverpool being only a 4.5-star rated team.

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  • b

    i think balotelli and sturridge should be 85 rated each and lovren 82 rated and henderson 82 rated aswell

    • Seraj


  • brandon rodgers

    Liverpool are terrible why am I working with these

  • Johnnyday

    You have to remember Liverpool fans think they should be 99 rating for all 3 they really are that deluded they lost saurez and by bringing in balotelli have not really improved the attack at all but try explaining that to a Liverpool fan

  • kingkong

    its called REALITY

  • jammyski

    this article is a load of balls because fifa has just kept the player ratings the same as last season, they will be updated when the game actually goes live and it will be constantly updates throughout the season based on player form

    • colin

      They have already re-confirmed these ratings, they explained the rating may go up on player form but will start like this, don’t bother wasting money on this biased crap!

  • frank

    I agree. One good season doesn’t mean you get to be the best team in the game. Fifa 2005 had Greece average after they win the Euro 2004. Because one good season doesn’t mean anything especially when they have never lifted the premier league

  • IstanbulScouse

    Liverpool are a young team with experience now, Rodgers will only get wiser to situations and it looks like we have the best mentality in the premier league, personally liverpools attack should be atleast 82 atleast and other areas higher but it’s just a game at the end of the day, how the best manager in the world (pep guardiola) can come out and say “I am very excited to see liverpool back where they belong (champions league)” and play the way we did and very nearly win the hardest league on the planet having spent just £28m, and not have a 5 star rating is beyond me, Rvp 88?? Hahahahahahahahaha

  • Claudio Lopes

    Liverpool deserve to have at least 80 in defense, 82 mid and 84/85 attack my opinion they did well last season Dortmund suck though they beat Munich in the super cup but who cares Liverpool are a better team than the rating.
    I think EA are so used to giving Liverpool ratings of 77 they have forgotten to raise it.

  • Mak kau

    Booooo!! Disgrace! Liverpool should be 5 star team!

  • dmc

    stop crying. Liverpool has low ratings bc Flanagan is playing. and prob lucas leiva too. when u put all the best ones in it will be fine.

  • skinnycow

    That is the worst comment I’ve ever seen. Liverpool should be 5 star and Sturridge, Balotelli, Gerrard, Coutinho, Henderson, Moreno and Lovren would all get into the city team!!!!!!!

    • StephenBis

      None of them would get in to the Chelsea team

      • IstanbulScouse

        Moreno is arguably better than fillipe luis, being 21, coutinho
        Is arguably better than Oscar too so

      • Seraj

        sterling sh1ts over all of them. how hes only 80, its bonkers

  • Kingkev

    This article is stupid! Liverpool are a 4.5 team at best. They lost there only world class player while all over teams bought in stronger players. No office but I think they were kind to Liverpool by giving them 81,79,79. No Liverpool player would get into the city squad…..

    • Ali TD

      gerrard and henderson are better than ferdinandinho and fernando. sturridge better than dzeko

      • Nathan Dunnington

        umm nope

      • Jim

        we go again…
        Henderson better than Fernandinho and Fernando? Jesus Wept.

        Im not gonna argue about Gerrard as in his day he was one of the best.
        All good things come to an end though and id say hes rapidly declining. His current
        role of defensive mid isn’t a role he is great at.
        When in possession hes good there. He can spray a pass from side to side, sometimes
        the odd key pass. When though he has to be in the right position defensively he
        struggles and hasnt got the legs to constantly charge down opponents like
        Fernando does.

        Sturridge and Dzeko and dif types of forwards.
        Yes though, Sturridge would get in Citys squad if that makes you feel better.

        • Kazie

          What time is the demo coming out on ps3 in south africa,cape town

        • Seraj

          fernando cant get into the portugul side and fernandinho cant get into a brazil side that’s probably the worst in years. he is behind luis gastovo, ramirez, paulinho, and even hernannes. so that says it all about him. just bcos u paid big bucks 4 him and got mugged off, it doesnt make him a brilliant player.

        • Jim

          Fernandinho can’t get into the Brazil team? What you talking about you clown? He played in half of Brazils matches and scored at the WC and has been called up into Dungas new squad too after half the team was dropped… Mugged off for him? Nice phrase, you must be from down south. Yeah we were really ‘mugged off’ in the fact that we won the double and he was one of our best players last season. You stick with Hendo. You all bang on how great your players are but you won fuk all again. Coming back to the oroginal point. You won nothing, nothing at all. We won the double. So obviously you arent as good as us on FIFA.

    • AndWithSuchSimplicity

      No office????
      Should that be “offence” or just “orifice”, because that’s what you appear to be talking out of. Sterling would get into any squad on current form.

    • Seraj

      we were 2nd in the league, scored the 2nnd most goals. yes we sold suarez, but our team is stronger all round now. so this rating is nonsense. fifa and ea clowns don’t know what they’re doing. just like u and others here on this website. tell me, why is borussia dortmund higher then liverpool. they have a bunch of average players all over the pitch apart from reuse and gundogan and hummels. I bet u nuri sahins ratings have gone up as well. bloody joke fifa and ea.

      • Johnnyday

        You sold Suarez who scored 30 goals and had a hand in over 50 percent of your goals so yes your squad is stronger but your first 11 are not

        • Seraj

          im not disagreeing with u, u have a valid point, but have u seen some of the player ratings. a half decent player is atleast 80 rating, and we have so many below 80. well most of them actually. all i wanted is actually an improvement in ratings from last season on our players. and i think there should’ve been after such a good season.

      • ROCA99

        Oh f-cking waa waa. Just go into customize and change their ratings once you buy the game if it annoys you that much.

        • Seraj

          oh fcking waa waa, wot a great idea, thnx. lol

  • Jim

    What planet are you on? Ha!
    Course City and Chelsea will be better than Liverpool. What is wrong with Liverpool fans?
    You didnt win the league and City beat you 3-1 the other day! Why would you be rated higher?
    Also the Dortmund game was a friendly. Even Man Utd win friendlies. Does that mean they should be better than Real Madrid?
    As for your strikeforce comment. Balotelli isnt that good. Hes good at pens. Speed is average and hold up play below par. He can finish but he rarely plays well.
    Sterling and Sturridge are talents no doubt so i agree but all your stats look about right.
    So strange you scousers.

    • AndWithSuchSimplicity

      Personally, i’d rather Liverpool have a lower rating so it’s more of a challenge. It’s completely pointless playing a game if all you do is score ‘worldies’ every attack.
      I wouldn’t get too upset with EA’s ratings anyway, they gave Suarez a poor rating last season but he didn’t do too badly in real life. If we are really going to moan about EA we should be concentrating on why they always make LFC attack the Kop FIRST HALF???!!

    • Seraj

      fifa and ea are clowns, that’s why they rated ibrahimovic higher then suarez. suarez won the golden boot and he plays good nearly every game unlike ibrahimovic who hardly turns out for half the games. ofcourse we should be moaning, only god knows how rooney is rated higher then sturridge. hes slow, predictable, lethargic. and mata who was abysmal last season retains a high rating, man utd finish not even in a europa league position have five stars. it is madness, wot on earth is ea and fifa upto. we didnt play badly against city, we defended badly but was unlucky, aslo they were at home. we got decent quality players in attacking mid now, with contenders for player of the year gerrard and lallana and sterling for young player of the year. ofcourse we shoulld be moaning especially when a rubbish fifa player with a chelsea player just hits one in from 30 yarda from nowhere. im livid. lol

      • Jim

        Tell you what. You put what you think for these players (a random selection of discussed players) and we will see where we agree… Ive obviously put mine the way i think Fifa should rank them.
        Kompany – 88
        Aguero – 88
        Fernandinho – 83
        Fernando – 82
        Yaya – 88
        Sturridge – 86
        Sterling – 85
        Gerrard – 82
        Henderson – 81
        Suarez – 89
        RVP – 85
        Rooney – 84
        Mata – 82
        Theres mine.

        • Seraj

          im not saying we should be as good as city or chelsea, i just wanted 2 c an improvement in the ratings 4 liverpool, which obviously there shoudve been but there isn’t.

      • ROCA99

        What on earth are you on? You do know that ONE season does not change everything that has ever happened right? You need to wake up! Another good season for Liverpool and then you might have a right to claim to be 5 stars.

        It’s a joke the amount of people who base ratings solely off the latest results – get your brain checked because it has obviously stopped working lol.

    • jimisabellend

      Stoke beat city 1-0 so does that mean Stoke are better than city???? you talk utter crap

      • Jim

        Truth hurts mate. One good season where you came runners up to us. We are the Champions, not you. Realise this. YOU DIDNT WIN THE LEAGUE. Hope this sinks in and you realise why Fifa rated you lower than us.

      • ROCA99

        Lol finishing second in one season does not mean you are instantly a 5 star team or the best team in the game – just like United finishing 7th doesn’t mean they are not still a world class club who are bigger worldwide than Liverpool, Chelsea and City combined.