GTA V Patriot Day DLC for 9/11

With no new GTA V DLC on the horizon yet again, players are starting to wonder when Rockstar may release the next GTA V update with 1.17. This week, we have some interesting whispers from the community to share with you, including calls for Rockstar to offer some one-off special GTA V Patriot Day DLC for 9/11 2014.

This is the Remembrance Day for the 9/11 attacks of course and a day when the US unites in remembering both the victims and the members of the health services who bravely risked their lives to help others.

We have seen increased calls for Rockstar to somehow offer their own tribute to 9/11, especially given that Rockstar has been known to offer similar GTA V updates to commemorate important calendar dates.

While we think this is a great idea, there’s one problem in that Rockstar always provide new GTA V updates on a Tuesday, but 9/11 falls on a Thursday this year. Will Rockstar break their own tradition with some surprise DLC in light of Patriot Day this year?

One way of holding a tribute could be for Rockstar to deliver free police and firemen uniforms to each and every player, so that players can unite online in a fitting way.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that it is going to happen this Thursday, but most GTA Online players will agree that another update is due. With the GTA V Story DLC in no man’s land still and GTA V Heists still being worked on, some Patriot Day DLC would be nice.

Would you like to see this on Thursday and last over the weekend or not?



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